Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Might Employ 1 Tactic to 'Keep Their Royal Connection,' Expert Says

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry shocked the world last year when they stepped down as senior royals. The couple moved to California and has been keeping a distance from the rest of the royal family.

However, a royal expert believes might still be trying to maintain a connection with the royals. The Sussexes could do this by employing one tactic.

The Sussexes have been distancing themselves from the royal family

When the couple moved to California, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was raging on in many parts of the world. As such, Meghan and Harry did not travel to the United Kingdom much in 2020.

In 2021, Harry returned to his home country for his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral. Not long after, he also came back for the unveiling of a statue honoring his mother, Princess Diana.

Nonetheless, the Sussexes have been spending time in the United States sharing grievances against the royal family. Meghan and Harry have given interviews to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Dax Shepard to talk about mistreatment they allegedly received at the hands of other royals.

Because of this, many onlookers believe the Sussexes are estranged from the royal family.

The Sussexes might try to ‘keep their royal connection’ with 1 tactic

In June, Meghan and Harry welcomed daughter Lilibet into their family. The couple has not christened Lilibet yet (as is the tradition among royals), but according to the Daily Mail, they want the event to take place in Windsor, England. Their son, Archie, was christened there two years ago.

According to royal expert Russell Meyer, having Lilibet’s christening in the U.K. could be “awkward” for the royal family. However, it could help the Sussexes “keep their royal connection.”

“It will be definitely awkward. Meghan isn’t flavour of the month with the family,” Meyer said, according to Express. “Certainly, the family have always said they will be much-loved members of the family. However, we’re still talking about the fallout of the Oprah Winfrey interview, Emmy or no Emmy nomination. The tensions are still running very, very high within the family, indeed.”

Meyer added, “Looking at the details, it looks as though they do want some continuity for their family life. Of course, their son Archie was christened at Windsor Castle before they jetted off to set up their new life in the United States… They definitely want to keep their royal connection and this will be a sure-fire way to make sure everyone is talking about them in the royal way.”

It could take more to heal the royal rift

Although a christening in the U.K. could help bring some people closer together, expert Marlene Koenig believes a lot more has to be done to heal the royal rift.

“[It will take] Trust (from both sides), and talking about the issues, sitting down and talking together rather than drip-feed (both sides) to the press,” Koenig told Express. “That said, I think there would be a lot of goodwill by coming to England for a baptism, with Lilibet wearing the christening gown, with the immediate family (the Queen, Charles, Camilla, the Cambridges in attendance) and the release of a group photo.”

Koenig added, “But a family photo cannot erase the pain and hurt on both sides, but what comes after that photo, time together, sitting down and talking.”

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