'Moon Knight': Have Spider-Man and the Vigilante Ever Teamed Up in Marvel Comics?

Several Marvel superheroes operate in New York, most famously Spider-Man. Over the years, Peter Parker has teamed up with the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange. He’s partnered with Daredevil, who even popped up briefly in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but now fans want to know about Moon Knight. The Moon Knight trailer dropped, causing new interest in the Oscar Isaac hero. Fans want to know if Moon Knight and Spider-Man ever teamed up in Marvel Comics that they could, hopefully, see on screen.

Moon Knight and Spider-Man first teamed up to fight a Daredevil villain

In Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #22 from 1978, Moon Knight met Spider-Man just three years after he first appeared. They fought against Daredevil villain, the Masked Marauder, and his gang, the Maggia. And this did not mark the first time Peter Parker crossed paths with Daredevil’s side of New York.

While Moon Knight investigated New York’s criminal underworld, Spider-Man headed to shower after helping Iron Man with another case. However, Peter Parker never catches a break as he forgot he had a date with Betty Brant, and his other love interest, MJ, turned down his proposal.

Of course, just like every hero team up, they end up fighting. Spider-Man catches Moon Knight brutally beating a gang member for information and stops him, leading to a battle. The Crescent Darts sliced through Spidey’s webbing, but Peter had much higher agility.

They put their differences aside in the following issue and managed to stop the gang and their leader.

Marc Spector once developed a split personality believing HE was Peter Parker’s webhead

Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, developed multiple personalities from a young age, even before the Egyptian god Khonshu turned him into the vigilante. Throughout the years, he has gained some and lost others.

During Michael Bendis’ run on Moon Knight in 2011, Marc Spector teamed up with Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine.

Except he actually didn’t. They were all newly developed personalities. For a time, Marc believed himself to be Spider-Man. He even wore a makeshift costume with web-shooters.

Fans of the Disney+ Hawkeye series likely remember Maya Lopez, aka Echo (Alaqua Cox). Moon Knight and Echo teamed up in this run, but Marc’s new Wolverine persona destroyed the other two personalities when she was supposedly killed.

If the Disney+ Moon Knight show goes anywhere near the craziness in the comics, fans can count on a wild ride.

A hilarious Moon Knight and Spider-Man panel from the ‘Infinity Wars’ arc has circulated the internet

Sometimes, comic panels become their own memes. In a 2018 storyline, ‘Infinity Wars,’ Loki tries to collect the Infinity Stones after receiving a warning. However, when an evil version of Gamora begins collecting the Infinity Stones herself, other heroes get drawn into the situation.

In a hilarious panel from Infinity Wars #3, Moon Knight himself apparent could not keep up with the story. Moon Knight leaned over to Spider-Man and whispered, “Wow, I picked a bad moment to space. What’d I miss?”

Spider-Man summed it all up with, “Just punch whoever I punch in a second.”

While Moon Knight and Spider-Man do not team up very often, they have certain moments in Marvel Comics that would make for fun interactions on screen.

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