Mr Men adds woke Little Miss Waste Less character to series

Mr Men continues to go woke with new character Little Miss Waste Less who reuses her carrier bags and urges Mr Fussy not to wash his sheets every day

  • Eco-conscious blue and green character features in new Little Miss book  
  • Woke characters such as Little MX a trans Mr Men are proving popular with fans
  • The new Little Miss was created by Adam Hargreaves son of creator Roger
  • Fans will recognise old characters such as Mr Greedy in the brand new book 
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Mr Men’s latest ‘woke’ character has joined the ranks of Mr Tickle to promote a more sustainable lifestyle to children. 

Eco-conscious Little Miss Waste Less is the newest addition to the beloved British book series, created by the late Roger Hargreaves in 1971, which added modern characters Mr Calm and LIttle Miss Brave after a public vote in 2021. 

The character, a collaboration with Belgian sustainable cleaning brand Ecover, was created exclusively by Adam Hargreaves, Roger’s son. 

She ‘hates waste’ and embarks on a journey to educate the other Mr Men about packaging and plastic. 

‘Woke’ character Little Miss Waste Less ‘hates waste’ and embarks on a journey to educate the other Mr Men about packaging and plastic

The new character has a classic motto ‘waste not, want not’ and always makes sure that she reuses carrier bags, and doesn’t buy more than what she needs.

The story details her campaign through the Mr Men verse, and includes familiar faces.

She soothes a concerned Mr Worry about plastic near the seaside and reminds Mr Forgetful to use his plastic bags more than once. 

The green and blue character helps Little Miss Scatterbrain clean up her messy home and uses Little Miss Inventor’s recycling machine to separate the rubbish. 

The blue Little Miss with green hair is determined to change the planet one plastic bottle at a time in the latest edition of the beloved British series Mr Men

The Little Miss Waste Less will be book will be gifted with the purchase of any Ecover refill product throughout December

One of the other protagonists is Mr Fussy who ‘washes his sheets every day, washes bath and tea towels regularly and is very fussy about keeping things clean’. 

Ecover said: ‘We hope Little Miss Waste Less – will inspire generations to reduce their impact on the planet by wasting less.

The current characters are noticeably more ‘woke’ than the first generation of Mr men, the first being Mr Tickle – the book went on to sell a million copies in just three years.

Other well known characters include Mr Bump, Mr Tiny and Little Miss Chatterbox. 

Contemporary characters promote causes, in order to educate children about different facets of society, as opposed to just entertainment.  

Little Miss Waste Less follows ‘Little Mx’ – a gender neutral title for people who are non-binary, which was a collaboration with trans charity Mermaids. 

Little Miss Brave and Mr Calm were released last year, in a bid to promote mental well-being among children on Mr Men’s 50th anniversary. 

The Little Miss Waste Less will be book will be gifted with the purchase of any Ecover refill product throughout December.

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