Mum warns others after daughter, 21, was murdered by controlling boyfriend

The mum of a woman murdered by her controlling boyfriend ten years ago has spoken of her heartbreak ahead of the anniversary of her daughter's death.

Kay Thomas, 61, is warning others that what happened to her daughter Jenna could happen to anyone.

She said she was not aware Jenna, 21, was being stalked by her boyfriend Philip Steven Packer, 49, when their relationship ended.

Nightclub bouncer Packer strangled Jenna on June 24, 2009, then drove her body to the local police station in Porthcawl.

Now Kay and her family are preparing for the 10-year anniversary of her death and said the pain never gets easier.

Packer attacked Jenna after refusing to accept their relationship had broken down.

The couple had met at Apollo nightclub in Porthcrawl, where Jenna worked as a barmaid, and Packer as a doorman.

The couple moved into a flat on the Esplanade in the town but their relationship quickly deteriorated as Packer became more controlling.

In May 2009 Jenna moved back into her family home in North Cornelly, but Packer, then 49, struggled to come to terms with the end of the relationship and bombarded her with text messages and telephone calls.

Jenna then met a new man, Ian Walters, who was the same age as her, and Packer soon confronted her about seeing him.

On June 24, he offered to drive Jenna to work, took her to a cafe for some breakfast and then drove her to a Stormy Down lay-by, where he killed her.

He then drove her body to Porthcawl police station.

Packer was convicted of murder and he was ordered to serve 18 years in jail, later reduced to 16 years on appeal.

Kay, who is in a wheelchair due to fibromyalgia which she believes was caused by the stress of Jenna's murder, says despite it being 10 years since Jenna was murdered, the grief " still doesn't get easier".

"Any family function or birthday or anniversary or Mother's Day or Christmas, it's heartbreaking," she said.

"There's so many things she has missed in life. All her friends are married with children.

"It's something that will never go away. I still feel the loss and the anger.

"It's been really tough on my health too. I was told the trauma brought it on as I didn't have it before."

Last year Kay was told that Packer would be  attending his father's funeral on release from prison  .

She claimed he was eventually stopped by police from going to it as they feared for his safety.

"It upset me that we don't get anything," she said. "We're not allowed to know where he is, but he knows where we are."

Kay said she was told that Packer was being held at Parc Prison, near to where she lives in North Cornelly.

She said she has now been told he has been moved to another prison further away.

Kay said she and her family, including Jenna's identical twin sister Nikki, want to mark the anniversary of Jenna's death together.

"We always take Nikki out and have a meal and get together," she said. "We just keep it to us really – the three of us."

Kay said she wants to warn people that what Packer did to her daughter could happen to anyone.

"I didn't know he was stalking her," she said. "Perhaps we could have done something about it.

"But it can happen to anyone. She had a good family and we were as careful as we could have been.

"But at 21, you don't tend to ring to check. Just please be aware this can happen to anyone.

"We never thought in a million years it could happen to us."

The Ministry of Justice said they could not comment on individual cases.

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