My psycho ex-boyfriend held a knife to my throat because I wanted to go to a BBQ

A mum had to flee her home in fear of her life after her 'psycho' boyfriend pinned her to her bed and held a knife against a throat – because she wanted to go to a BBQ.

Ian Brewster banned his 27-year-old partner Kayleigh Rutter from seeing her friends and threatened to smash up her home just weeks into their relationship.

He even threatened to kill her and one of his friends when Kayleigh was sent a Facebook message.

Brewster, also 27, told her: "Get him around here and I will stab you first and make him watch, then I will stab him through the neck."

Kayleigh has now bravely opened up about her ordeal after Brewster was jailed for 16 months after he was found guilty of controlling or coercive behaviour on Kayleigh plus other charges of assault upon another ex-girlfriend and criminal damage to her TV.

Kayleigh said: "We had to go everywhere together. I wasn’t allowed to go even go to the shop on my own.

"Once, I insisted on going to see my pal, Stacey, and he sent me 86 messages to check where I was. 

“Eventually, he made me send him a video of me walking round her house to prove I wasn’t lying.”

"On another occasion, he punched the bedroom door three times, creating holes in it.

"Another time, a male friend called and he put his foot through the door."

The pair had been friends for 10 years before they got together – and all of Kayleigh's friends told her he wasn't good enough for her.

The mum-of-one said: “Ian and I had been mates for many years and all our friends were shocked when we got together – they said I was too good for him because he’s not the best looker.

“That didn’t matter to me but it turns out they were right – and nothing to do with his looks.

“He threatened to kill me and I had to move out of my home – it wasn’t safe.

“When I returned to the flat, he had smashed every light bulb so that it was in darkness, and there was glass in my bed.” 

Kayleigh, from Manchester, added: “We’d always been good mates, we bounced off each other but one day he called round and we had a couple of drinks, and one thing led to another.

“Nobody was more surprised than me when we got together, I had always seen Ian only as a friend. I had no idea he fancied me.

“I was unsure but he was so attentive and loving that I got swept away with it all.

"Our friends said I was too pretty for him but I thought they were just being mean. I took no notice.

“He came round every day and he really looked after me.

“But then he messaged all my male friends on Facebook and told them never to contact me again because he was my boyfriend.

“He explained he was paranoid of losing me and he felt I was too good for him. I just thought he was insecure.”

But Brewster became more intense and the couple rowed over his jealousy. 

Four weeks into the relationship, Kayleigh was invited to a friend’s BBQ.

She said: “Ian kicked up such a fuss that I decided not to go, but he still went crazy.

"He was bubbling over with jealousy and he started attacking me.

"I ran out of the flat but he dragged me back, accusing me of wanting to sleep with every man I had ever met.

“He pinned me to the bed and produced a huge kitchen knife and pressed it against my throat.

"He was screaming at me to call a male friend, so he could stab him as well.

“He had completely gone crazy. I thought I was going to die. He wouldn’t let me leave the flat.”

Kayleigh managed to send a coded message to her mother before deleting it.

Her mum came to the flat and rescued Kayleigh before calling police.

Brewster was arrested but failed to attend his trial in August last year and was convicted in his absence.

Kayleigh said: “I didn’t see him again but he kept texting me with threats. I was terrified.”

He was later put on a police 'wanted' list and was arrested over Christmas.

He appeared before Manchester Crown Court in January.

His lawyer, Ben Knight, said in mitigation: "The defendant is paranoid about why people want to be in relationships with him and he is paranoid about infidelity and I think this controlling behaviour bolsters his own self-esteem.

"Also, at 18 years of age, he was accused of sexual assault.

"No further action was taken at that time but the accusation has been used by a number of people in his life as a weapon against him.

"On social media, people have shared photos of him saying that he is a paedophile.

"As a result of this vigilante behaviour on social media, he has spent quite a lot of time looking over his shoulders.

"He did not commit any such offence but that does not matter in the court of public opinion and Facebook.

"He has been falsely painted as a paedophile and has been assaulted because of that."

Sentencing, the judge Miss Recorder Samantha Presland told Brewster: "Over a period of three weeks, you engaged in pretty relentless, violent, coercive and controlling behaviour.

"You would regularly threaten Miss Rutter with a knife, not let her see her friends, and you threatened to stab her and her friends. She eventually had to go and live with her mother.

"You are displaying destructive co-dependant behaviour which is not good for you or for them and it needs to stop."

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