OK Real Talk — How Powerful Is X-Men's Jean Grey?

With the arrival of Dark Phoenix in theaters, there are now two X-Men films dedicated solely to the formidable powers of Jean Grey: this film and 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, both of which are adaptations of the immensely popular “Dark Phoenix Saga” comics storyline. Other than Wolverine, no other X-Men has received quite as much cinematic devotion as Jean Grey, which begs the question: what is so special about this soft-spoken, mild-mannered redhead?

On the surface, Jean doesn’t seem like the most obvious contender for “strongest X-Man.” In everything from the comics to the animated series to the films, Jean is always portrayed as loyal, gentle, and kind. She also isn’t physically imposing, with the Marvel comics database putting her at 5’6″ tall, and weighing only 115 lbs. Hardly the type of person you’d think of first when you need a warrior for the front lines of battle.

However, underneath Jean’s unimposing persona lies a deep reservoir of power. Jean Grey’s mutant abilities include both telepathy and telekinesis, meaning that she can communicate directly with the minds of other people, and that she can move objects using only her thoughts. There are varying degrees of both of these powers in the X-Men film universe — telekinesis was one of Apocalypse’s many daunting abilities, and Charles Xavier is a powerful telepath — but the strength and combination of Jean’s abilities has always been particularly formidable.

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