'Paradise Hotel': Why Host Kristin Cavallari Doesn't Think You Can Fall in Love on the Show

The road to love can be a minefield. It’s a messy journey, full of tears, miscommunications, and drama. But for some reason, people continue to want to go through the process on television in front of the whole world.

Paradise Hotel is one of the newest additions to the world of dating shows. The show is a remake of the 2003 reality dating show of the same name. The premise of the program is to basically hook up or get out.

Singles are invited to a hotel where they must find someone of the opposite sex to be their roommate or get sent home. Sounds like a great place to find love, right?

Well, the host of the show doesn’t think so.

Why doesn’t Kristin Cavallari think you can find love on dating shows?

Fox brought on The Hills‘ Kristin Cavallari to host the new show. As a dating show host, your job is to encourage the contestants to get together and find love with one another. But unfortunately, Cavallari doesn’t even believe that is possible.

“I don’t know that you can really go on a TV show to find love,” she recently told Bustle. “I mean I know it’s happened a few times but I think it’s extremely hard to trust somebody. I think that, obviously, if you’re going on a TV show, there’s other motives there than just trying to find love. So I think it just adds so many different layers to it that just become so complicated and stressful to me.”

What other motives do people have to go on the show?

When dealing with reality television, it’s always hard to know exactly why people are going on the shows. Are they truly there for love? Or could they just be there for the fame that comes with being on a tv show?

With the cast of Paradise Hotel, there is also a prize of $250,000 on the line that could motivate people to lie their way through the competition just to get to the money.

Does Cavallari enjoy hosting the show?

Though she doesn’t necessarily believe that people can find love on the show, Cavallari did enjoy filming.

“I sort of get the best job because what I do is I go in and I drop little bombs on everybody, and then I leave and watch it unfold,” she said.”So it’s fun, stirring is fun for me. It’s not necessarily me messing with everybody, it’s just … you’re moving the story along and you have their information, and so I get to constantly surprise them with new twists and turns which makes for good entertainment.”

She even got to bring her three kids, Camden, Saylor, and Jaxon, and husband Cutler, with her while filming.

“They love it because it’s a vacation for them,” Cavallari told the outlet of her children. “And it’s kind of nice because for the most part, I film at night so I’m able to be with them during the day, but work at night. And then rinse and repeat the next day.”

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