Parents warned as young girl suffers chemical burns after eating sour sweets

A little girl has suffered chemical burns on her tongue after eating sour sweets.

Willow Wright, from Australia, placed around 10 Extreme Sour Warheads into her mouth and didn't think anything of it.

However, after eating the sweet, the young Melbourne girl said she started feeling like something was wrong.

She was right, as the lollies sparked a chemical reaction on her tongue that caused horrifying burns.

The burns ended up creating a large divot on her tongue as the skin literally peeled off.

Willow's mum, Kirsty Wright, was left in tears she she revealed how shocked she was seeing her daughter so distressed.

Kirsty said: "I just wanted to make aware to parents how dangerous these lollies are…I've never seen this before."

Willow was rushed to the doctor to see if anything could be done.

However, the GP explained that they could only really suggest ice and Panadol to cool the swelling.

Dental Association of Australia's Jonathon Teo has since given a warning to parents that kids should avoid these lollies in large quantities.

"The sour warhead lollies, in particular, can be very dangerous," he told 9News.

"Products with this level of acid or PH can cause chemical burns to cheeks and tongue."

Willow isn't the only person to suffer a horrible injury to her tongue because of sour lollies.

A California boy called Chase experienced the exact same type of chemical burn on his tongue after sucking on an Extreme Sour Warhead too, according to LadBible.

His grandmother wrote on Facebook as a warning to other parents: "This is the result of our grandson, Chase's tongue after eating one of these candies. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE TO YOUR CHILDREN!"

Extreme Sour Warheads come with a warning that states 'eating multiple pieces in a short time period' can cause 'irritation' on sensitive tongues.

A spokesperson from Warhead's parent company, Impact Confections Inc., told Yahoo7 people need to make sure they aren't consuming too much.

"We produce only high-quality products that meet all FDA guidelines for PH levels and ingredients, and when eaten normally, consumers enjoy them with no issues," she said.

"We receive very few complaints regarding our products, but when we do, we take these complaints seriously.

"To ensure a fun and enjoyable eating experience, a voluntary statement is printed on every package."

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