People left in stitches at pet pups reactions at dog introvert meeting

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Dogs are seen as playful and loyal companions who like to run about with fellow pooches.

But, for this bunch of hounds it certainly was not the case.

Qila the pet pup is an introvert, according to her owner.

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Instead of wanting to play with other dogs, the grey haired former street dog has preferred to stick to themselves.

Since being rescued from the streets of Russia and now living in their ‘furever’ home in Sweden, Qila has come a long way.

Despite this though, Qila is struggling with some social issues – and she is not alone.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up a massive 15.1 million views, Qila’s owner took her to meet with other ‘like minded’ hounds.

Although many assume that dogs would play with each other on meeting, these anxious pets did not even want to acknowledge each other.

The owner explained: “My dog is an introvert so we went for a meeting with like minded dogs.

“This is what happened.”

Amongst eight other dogs, Qila sat with her back turned and failed to interact with any of her fury pals.

As some copied the rescue dog by sitting down, others stood as just stared at their owners.

Someone in the clip chuckled: “It's like a pasture of cows.”

The owner added: "Imagine putting a lot of introverts in one room."

Seems like us humans aren’t the only ones who need to work on our conversational skills!

Left in fits of giggles at the ‘introvert’ dog meeting, people shared their shock at their reluctance to engage with each other.

One person commented: “They don’t know what to do.”

Another user giggled: “Dogs thinking: This could have been an email.”

Whilst another person voiced: “All of them avoiding eye contact.”

Someone else chuckled: “The dogs aren't doging.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user suggested: “Should’ve got one extroverted one and seen what happened haha.”


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