People reveal VERY amusing times they should've hired a professional

Leave it to the professionals! Hilarious social media snaps capture VERY questionable botched jobs – including an iPhone fixed with a plaster

  • People from across globe have captured instances when experts were needed
  • Among amusing snaps include some very steep stairs and a dangerous ramp
  • Elsewhere, broken phone is ‘fixed’ with a plaster and a sign leads to confusion

At some point or another, we’ve all thought we could’ve done with the help of a professional.  

But none more so than these instances, captured by people from across the globe, which perfectly showcase the occasions when an expert would’ve come in handy – to say the least! 

Among the very amusing images, collated online by Diply, includes a ‘no swimming’ sign wrongly labelled ‘no smoking’ and a badly fitted hob. 

Elsewhere, one man decided to cut back on costs by making a ridiculously long handmade tree trimmer to cut them himself, while a builder constructed some stairs so steep, they’re practically unusable. 

At first glance, you could easily be mistaken for thinking this sign, placed in an unknown location, reads ‘restsmoor’ 

The person who made this sign, placed in an unknown location, had one job – but still failed to match the correct warning image to the writing

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This builder, from an unknown location, is asking for trouble and some broken bones with these very steep concrete stairs!

The person that laid this supermarket floor, based in an unknown location, clearly had some spare tiles…and didn’t know what to do with them!

One person, from an unknown location, was delighted to hear her housemate had fixed her phone while she was at work. Only, it wasn’t quite what she had in mind

It’s no wonder this person, from an unknown location, was left wondering why her pasta wasn’t boiling. Positioning is key! 

This business owner, from Kyoto in Japan, takes a laid back approach to work – to say the very least! 

It may not be as effective as fly repellent, but this person, from an unknown location, came up with his own unique method of getting rid of pesky flies

This seven-year-old, from the US, was amused to discovered the very risky letter that she once left for her ‘bossy’ mother

One person, from an unknown location, told how his dad insisted on saving money by cutting the conifers himself. Tree-mendous effort!

This concrete wheelchair ramp, which is in an unknown location, is sure to give any person a wheely dangerous experience!

The person who designed this doormat, from an unknown location, was eager to replace a letter in ‘hello’ with a flower – whether it worked or not!

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