Pink obsessed woman spent £4k on Barbie wardrobe and even dyes her food

A woman is so obsessed with her favourite colour that she had spent thousands making sure it's included in every part of her life – from her wardrobe to her food.

Holly Weymouth has loved pink and all things Barbie since she was a little girl – but it wasn’t until her early 20s that pink began dominating her lifestyle.

The now 28-year-old from Surrey says her pink pallet helped her reconnect with her “lost” childhood.

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Holly was diagnosed with epilepsy at age five and constant hospital appointments left her feeling robbed of her childhood.

She no longer suffers from seizures and spends her time living her ‘best pink life’.

She has spent more than £4,000 funding her barbie themed wardrobe, she constantly visits all pink locations like Peggy Porsche and EL & N cafe, both in London, and she refuses to sign anything unless it's in pink ink.

The self-confessed pink fanatic, who is in a long-term relationship, said: "People come up to me all the time and tell me I look like a little doll, which I love.

"I felt like my childhood was robbed from me so I suppose in some way I'm recreating that now.

"I've always loved pink and Barbie from a young age and used to have lots of the dolls.

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"People might think it's all a bit weird and that it's a waste of money but my pink life makes me so happy and I know I deserve that.

"My family think I'm weird, but they're used to me.

"They're supportive, but they're all very generic, I'm the kooky one who's the black sheep of the family

"I would say about 90 per cent of my wardrobe is pink, and I've spent £4,000 working on my collection. My favourite item is an all-pink Zara co-ord.”

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Holly's long-term boyfriend supports her unusual obsession and even helps to look up pink locations, he even acts as her photographer snapping pics for her Instagram.

"He'll go shopping with me and help me pick my outfits, and always buys me pink accessories if he sees something he thinks I'll like," she said.

"My boyfriend really likes my style thankfully."

At home, Holly even likes to dye her food pink, holding regular pink tea parties. She said that foods that are pink just taste better to her.

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"Anything I can dye pink I will," she added.

"I regularly put food colouring into my pasta sauce, I just prefer food when it's pink.

"Most of my thoughts throughout the day consist of pink and if I was able to make the world completely pink I think it would be a better place."


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