Plus-size woman flaunts curves in bikini despite trolls tell her to cover up

A plus size woman proudly showed off her body in a stunning yellow bikini as she hit back at hate comments that told her "you can't wear" one.

Tally Sharp, who is a size 22 influencer, posted videos on TikTok to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones.

She did fashion hauls and tried on clothes to show how they look on a size 22 body.

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In one video, she told her followers who said that they can't wear a bikini because of their size.

Tally dons an amazing halterneck bikini in yellow and wears with a pink shirt to bring out the contrast in colours.

"POV: A plus size babe says they can't wear a bikini — rubbish! Wear the bikini!" she said.

Many fans showed support to Tally but some trolls wrote to her and said: "Everyone is entitled to wear what they want, doesn't mean it looks right though."

"Bet she would be stunning if she was an average size," another commented and a third added: "Of course you can wear what you like, whether you should is another matter. Cover up!"

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Tally shared her advice in other posts and said: "When you're fat, beautiful, sexy and confident, don't let anyone dim your shine."

She also mentioned that people always assume plus size women to wear baggy clothes and dull colours.

"I ain't your grandma!" she said and suggested that nowadays there are many more fashion brands that do stylish plus size wear.

Her fans loved her advice, with one saying: "Yes queen, wear what you want because you slay all of those outfits."

"So beautiful, I love your confidence!" another penned and a third chimed in: "Yeah, why do they assume us to dress like that? I would never, please don't do it."


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