Simply Marvellous – Royal Ballets The Nutcracker review

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 Like The Snowman over at the Peacock Theatre, The Nutcracker is a hardy perennial and its bloom shows no signs of fading.

The exquisite designs conjure a timeless period atmosphere that hovers somewhere between the early 19th Century and the late Victorian era.

Tchaikovsky’s glorious music does the rest.

The dancing is of an extraordinarily high standard and reaches its apotheosis in the grand pas de deux with Fumi Kaneko and William Bracewell.

There is much to delight the eye including the breathtaking transformation scene in which young heroine Clara seems to shrink to mouse-size and the flotilla of Russian angels who glide across the stage as if on wheels.

Peter Wright’s production has done admirable service since its debut 1984 with a few minor adjustments along the way.

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?


  • Royal Opera House until January 14, Tickets: 020 7304 4000

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