Spoilers: Huge betrayal as Dipi cheats with grieving Pierce in Neighbours

Dipi (Sharon Johal) and Pierce (Tim Robbards) have both been having trouble in their respective marriages in Neighbours, but are their next actions about to put the nail in the coffins?

Pierce and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) are both struggling through their grief, but separately instead of united as they should be. Equally, Dipi and Shane are battling against the devastation his drug addiction has caused instead of tacking adversity as a team. Dipi and Pierce have been leaning on each other more and more for support as times have got tougher, but the line is approaching at the speed of light and unless they slam the breaks on now they’ll be crossing it before they know it.

Pierce wants him and Chloe to work through their grief together but instead Chloe tries to busy herself to forget. It’s Fay who makes her see she needs to turn to her husband, as Chloe admits she feels she can’t talk to him. Fay decides her daughter doesn’t need her as a distraction and plans to return to Adelaide.

The space helps Chloe and Pierce realise they both want to fix things and decide to attend Dipi’s cooking class. But sadly it works against them, highlighting their differences instead of bringing them together. Shane also causes a commotion during the class, pushing Dipi to breaking point. Seeing she’s about to crumble, Pierce steps in and takes his own frustrations out on Shane.

None of this is boding well for either pair to repair the damages that have happened to their marriages.

Dipi and Shane’s tensions boil over and they both end up saying a lot of hurtful things that neither really means. Feeling lost, Dipi decides to spend the night elsewhere, and Pierce decides to do the same after Chloe fails to reassure him that they can get things back on track. Shane, meanwhile, is close to doing a Tom Daley dive off the wagon before Toadie gets a hold of him and talks some sense in. But this little episode doesn’t get past Dipi and news that he almost caved pushes her further away.

When Pierce goes to find Chloe he’s perturbed to find her with the one person he feels is a complete threat to their marriage – Nicolette. To him it’s a sign she’s done with their marriage.

Dipi and Pierce turn to each other for support over both of their woes, but it has the adverse effect, with heightened emotions and such marriage tensions, the couple give in to the moment and kiss! They’ve really gone and done it now.

Afterwards they both return home feeling nothing but guilt and both try to reassure their partners that all is fine. Will either pick up on the sudden change in their demeanours? But the bigger question…was this kiss just a one off?

Chloe is also thrown at Pierce’s acceptance of her unease about their marriage, and promises him she’ll find the answers they need to fix things. It seems like they’re back on track, until Chloe decides to visit Fay in Adelaide – alone.

Scenes air from Monday 12th October on Channel 5.

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