Stripper earns £100s on slow Mondays where clubs are like ghost towns

An adult entertainer has revealed how empty her strip joint is on Monday nights, but still manages to earn a decent living.

Rose, from the US, works seven-hour shifts as a stripper at a club in Florida, where she performs pole dances or even a "sit and talk" session with customers.

Sharing on TikTok, she admitted that earning $315 (£230) is considered "not bad" on the first night after a busy weekend.

She said: "Come work with me for a Monday day shift as a stripper – 1.10am club is empty."

Panning the camera across the venue, no customers can be seen at the bar area and the dance floor is completely empty.

But half an hour later, Rose made her first stage set with $41 (£29) in her pocket.

"2am: Did two dances, custie (customers) paid me double, $100 (£72)," she said while showing the stash of $1 notes.

"2.20am: Second stage set, $47 (£34). 3.30am: Third stage set, $24 (£17)."

She also did a two-for-one dance to a client and earned $30 (£21)

By 7am, Rose had pocketed $338 (£245) but then she gave a $38 (£27) tip to the DJ and the bar.

The last hour she called a "dead zone" and was able to go backstage to count her earnings of the day.

"$315 (£229) for the day," she added. "No house fee on Monday. 8am, time to get some grub. Not bad for a slow Monday."

While some viewers said a restaurant waiter could earn more than that, others appreciated her reflecting the reality of the adult entertainment industry.

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One said: "I make $300 last Monday at the restaurant in six hours. Left with that good old dignity in tact too."

Another wrote: "Thank you for making something more accurate and realistic compared to what some creators posted."

Rose said she was only doing this to pay off the student debt, adding: "I'm planning on doing this until I finish college, which I will hopefully be debt-free because of my income here, and with investments in place.

"I'm already in college, which I pay for entirely myself with no family backing. So, this job enables me to reach my long-term goals."

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