Sugar mama who pays for younger lovers says its the most amazing feeling

A self-declared "sugar mama" has explained why paying for her younger lovers is the "most amazing feeling".

Kara, 35, posts regularly on her account to show her young lovers on camera and gives advice to viewers on easy ways to "sign up" as sugar babies.

She says she gets income from different jobs, but also loves to spoil her sugar babies with money and gifts.

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In one video, she says: "My favourite thing about being a sugar mama would definitely be when I pay the guy.

"When I pay my sugar baby the weekly allowance, seeing his eyes light up is like the most amazing feeling in the world.

"Knowing that 'hey I did that', I was able to make his day.

"So the guy uses the money, usually, for financial security, or to help pay his rent or his car, whatever he needs.

"And I double check to make sure if that's what he uses the money for."

In other clips, Kara is seen hanging out with her sugar babies at swimming pools or out on the street shopping.

She tells her viewers: "Hey I am here with my sugar baby, so tell me what do you want me to buy you?"

Some of them asked for Lamborghinis, a yacht, or expensive clothes, while others just wanted chocolates.

But she never showed viewers if she actually bought the items.

Kara said sugar mamas are "very loyal women", adding: "They won't let you down and it's very amazing to have you because you guys communicate all the time and will be very connected.

"I would advise you to look for older women, because they have played that game and they are done with it.

"I hope this inspire you to find a sugar mama!"


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