This Mornings Clodagh McKenna baked 15 loaves the night before her wedding to Queens godson

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna has revealed that she baked 15 loaves the night before her wedding to the Queen's godson.

Irish-born Clodagh, 46, tied the knot to Harry Herbert, 62, in a beautiful ceremony at Highclere Castle, best known as the location of Downton Abbey, in August and has exclusively revealed to OK! how she settled her nerves the night before she said 'I do'.

The author of In Minutes, who lives in the 300 year old Broadspear House in the grounds of Highclere Park, revealed how her friends 'had a lovely part to play' on her wedding day which was attended by the likes of Laura Whitmore and former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Speaking to OK! about the part she played in the bespoke menu for her nuptials, Clodagh said: "I planned all of the menu and how the tables would look and then I worked very closely with two of my friends who have a business called Worm London who do the most amazing flowers and they foraged so much from our woods and gardens."

She continued: "I actually did cook quite a few things for the wedding on the Friday, the day before the wedding, I cooked 15 loaves of my Rosemary Clodagh Bread which was really good because I was in the kitchen, put on some really nice music and everyone was popping in to say 'hi'.

"I was just baking bread all day long and it really made me relax – it was my little happy place for the day. That was my spa treatment! Some people go to the spa and I go to my kitchen to bake!"

Clodagh looked every inch the fairytale bride on her special day with an embroidered lace gown paired with a delicate veil while her signature blonde fringe framed her pretty features as she tied the knot on the 5,000-acre estate.

The talented TV chef, who got engaged in 2020 after she was introduced to Harry at a Fortnum and Mason lunch in 2017, added: "I love being married it is a lovely feeling."

Speaking about her nearest and dearest in attendance, she added: "The highlight was first having all of our friends and family there because we didn't know if we would be able to with the pandemic and restrictions.

"The second thing was walking into the church and seeing everyone there which was quite overwhelming especially coming out of the pandemic and not having seen people for so long. That feeling of love and everyone being happy for us was amazing.

"The music was also incredible throughout the whole day with so many of my friends like Imelda May and lots of others like Rich E. Grant who read a poem at the church. My friends had a lovely part to play in it and that was really gorgeous."

Clodagh also gushed about her other-half Harry – whose father Lord Porchester and later Earl of Carnarvon was a close friend and racing manager of Her Majesty the Queen form 1969 until he died in 2011 – and revealed how 'kind' her husband is.

She said: "There are so many things I love about him. Firstly, he is so handsome and he is the kindest person I have ever met in my life. He is so incredibly kind and that is what everybody says about him.

"He is really good fun and he loves cooking with me, gardening together, we love going out to restaurants, he loves going to parties. He is just a really fun person to be around and he is definitely my best friend."

Meanwhile Clodagh, who has recently penned her new time-saving cookbook, described how she came up with the clever idea.

Talking about her inspiration, she said: "I thought it would be so great to make a book that is all focused on minutes like 10, 20 and 30 which are usually the types of times I would have during the week.

"I was like, 'surely someone has done a book on that already?' I did a whole research on it and no one had done that before and it was always books on just one specific time.

"I started researching all different types of cuisines from Korean to Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Italian as well because I lived there and really delicious, fast recipes that you can make with 10, 20 and 30 minutes with very accessible ingredients that are easy to cook. Then along came the book!"

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