Where Is Ruth Madoff Living Today?

Bernie Madoff, infamous Ponzi scheme operator and financial fraudster, died at the age of 82 on April 14, 2021. As NBC News notes, the former Nasdaq chairman stole some $65 billion from investors over several years. He was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to 150 years in prison. The extensive fraud charges detailed how Bernie cheated numerous marks out of their fortunes, including actor couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick and iconic filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

The fraudster was married to high school sweetheart Ruth since 1959, and she notably didn’t opt to divorce Bernie following his arrest. Ruth wasn’t charged in connection with the crimes, and she told the Today show in 2011 that “the villain of all this is behind bars,” while also confirming there was no love lost between them. After surrendering her considerable fortune, Ruth relocated to Connecticut in a bid to dodge the ensuing controversy. She’s since moved to much nicer digs.

Bernie Madoff's wife is living comfortably in Connecticut

According to the New York Post, Ruth Madoff is currently residing in a spacious four-bedroom waterfront property in Connecticut estimated to be worth a whopping $3.8 million. She’s reportedly living there with her former daughter-in-law, Susan Elkin, who was married to eldest son Mark, and her family. The mansion is located in the exclusive Lucas Point area of Old Greenwich. Public records note Ruth has been living there since September. Prior to that point, she was residing in a comparatively smaller, 989-square-foot townhouse in a less swanky area of Old Greenwich. The new house is close to 4,000 square feet and includes a private dock, stunning views of Greenwich cove, and a double-height entry gallery, among other amenities. 

A damning report by the Daily Mail alleges Ruth was spending more than $57,000 per month on the company credit card at the height of her husband’s criminal career. As the Post mentioned, Ruth agreed to drop any claim to a combined $80 million in assets in exchange for $2.5 million in cash. She moved to Connecticut to avoid the press and be closer to her grandchildren, while chasing some semblance of a normal life. It seems, at least in the latter case, she’s achieved that goal. 

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