Woman changed her grandson into clothes bought from a supermarket

Woman who bought her grandson an emergency outfit at the supermarket after he was sick is left shocked after her daughter-in-law complained the clothes were ‘not the kind of thing she wants her children to be seen in’

  • British grandmother received a text complaining after babysitting her grandson
  • Posting on Mumsnet, said daughter-in-law was angry his clothes were changed
  • Responses warned confrontation may lead to her not seeing her grandchildren
  • But, others argued the daughter-in-law will continue being rude if not spoken to 

A grandmother who changed her grandson into clothes bought from a supermarket after he was sick while she was babysitting, was left shocked after her daughter-in-law took issue with her putting him in a new outfit that’s ‘not to her taste’. 

Posting on UK-based forum Mumsnet, the grandmother explained she’d bought the clothes because her son and daughter-in-law had forgotten to leave his nappy bag but she didn’t want to disturb their outing.

Next day, her daughter-in-law later sent a text saying: ‘Whilst I appreciate you looking after them, I didn’t appreciate that you had changed him out of the clothes he arrived in, for whatever reason. 

‘I know that when your children were growing up, supermarket clothes may have been good enough for them, but it really isn’t what I want to dress my children in and your taste is vastly different than mine. Thanks again though x’

Commenters were left outraged by the ‘rude’ message and debated whether it was best to ignore it, or confront her son’s wife for her atittude.  

A grandmother has sparked a debate about how to respond to upsetting interactions with in-laws after receiving a text message blasting her babysitting (file image)

The grandmother, who admitted she’s had a challenging relationship with her daughter-in-law in the past, said she was ‘deligthed to look after her grandchildren while their parents went out for the afternoon. 

‘They dropped grandchildren off and went to lunch with some friends, their first real outing without the two children in tow, but they had forgotten to leave the nappy bag which was in the boot of the car. 

‘Rather than phone them when we noticed and spoil their day, we had a walk to the local supermarket and bought nappies and wipes and a little outfit for the baby, as he had been a little sick on his clothes and they were a bit wet.’

The grandmother said that she explained what had happened when her son and daughter-in-law came to pick up the children. 

However, the following day she received a text from her daughter-in-law that left her ‘really upset’.

Posting on UK-based forum Mumsnet, the grandmother told how her daughter-in-law vented fury because she changed her grandson into clothes from a supermarket after he was sick 

‘I actually want to reply oh f*** *** you stuck up little madam and next time make sure you leave the bag then he wouldn’t have to wear hideous supermarket clothes,’ she said, adding that she’d decided not to respon. 

She asked other forum users how they would respond in the hopes of cheering herself up about the situation. 

Many responses advised the grandmother to send a sarcastic response, with one writing: Another said: ‘Go and find someone else to look after the baby in future… my response. I wouldn’t beat around the bush. She was bloody rude.’

A third advised showing the text to her son, saying: ‘She sounds vile. I would just respond to her saying you loved having the children. Your son needs to know how she is speaking to you though.

‘I would take a photo of her message and send it to my son and say ‘please remember to leave the changing bag next time.’ 

Many responses to the thread advised the grandmother to give her daughter-in-law a sarcastic response and refuse to babysit in the future 

Agreeing, another wrote: ‘I wouldn’t reply to her. I’d reply to my son and say how rude and ungrateful they both were. And how when my children were growing up we would change a child into anything, other than leave them to develop an irritation rash in wet clothes. How strange time are when fashion for a baby is more important than their wellbeing.’

Others advised the grandmother not to confront her daughter-in-law because she could stop contact with the grandchildren. 

‘Grin & bear it. Grandchildren are too adorable to risk not seeing them. Next time text your son to make sure both grandchildren have a suitable change of clothes ‘just in case’. I’m sorry things are like this for you,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘Just text okay. Anything else you say, she will stop you seeing your grandchildren.’

A third added: ‘I’d swallow my anger in order to keep being able to see the grandchildren. I’d reply: “Sorry, didn’t want to leave him in wet, sick covered clothes. Thought that was the best solution as we didn’t have the nappy bag”.

‘That makes the point, but panders to her sensibilities and is apologetic.’ 

Some forum users warned confrontation may lead to the grandmother being unable to see her grandchildren in the future 

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