Woman loses 140 pounds during COVID-19 lockdowns: ‘I’m full of life now’

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A woman has lost 140 pounds using the coronavirus lockdowns as an opportunity to change her lifestyle. 

Sarah Armstrong, 45, from Lockerbie, Scotland, weighed about 322 pounds last March, before the U.K. went into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to SWNS. 

According to the news agency, Armstrong had gained weight by eating lots of take-out and because she was unable to do much exercise because she struggled with fibromyalgia, asthma and a slipped hernia disk.

Sarah Armstrong, 45, weighed about 322 pounds just before the U.K. went on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic last March.

The moment she realized she needed a change was when she ordered new clothes in a size 28 — which she told SWNS was already two sizes larger than her normal size — but when they arrived, they were still too small. 

“It was heartbreaking,” Armstrong told SWNS. “I just sat there crying. I knew I had put on weight, but not that much. It was like I hit a wall that day.”

After trying on size 28 clothes that were too small for her, Armstrong decided it was time for her to change her lifestyle. 

“Then lockdown started, and I thought it was a good opportunity with time to spare,” Armstrong added. “I thought it was time for a change, for everyone, including my family. I felt like I was missing out. I wasn’t able to go walks with my grandchildren.”

Armstrong told SWNS that she started working with a woman from Cambridge 1:1, a diet plan and company based in the U.K. 

Armstrong told SWNS that once lockdown started, she "thought it was time for a change," and went on a diet plan. 

“After a month on the new diet, I was able to exercise again and started going out walks,” Armstrong said. “I got a treadmill in the house, as well as a cross-trainer.”

Since she started losing weight, Armstrong’s waist size has dropped to 32 inches from 52 inches and she’s gone down to a size 14, according to SWNS. 

Since then, Armstrong, from Lockerbie, Scotland, has lost 140 pounds and dropped to a size 14. 

As a result, she said she’s had to buy lots of new clothes — and her wedding and engagement rings actually fit her for the first time in 11 years, though they’re a bit too big now, she told SWNS.

Armstrong also said her asthma has gotten better and she has a lot more energy and confidence. 

Armstrong can even wear her wedding and engagement rings, which haven’t fit her for 11 years. 

“I had no confidence at all. The more weight I lost the more confidence I got,” Armstrong told SWNS. “I’m now lots more confident, and I can go out on my own. I don’t need anyone to come with me.”

“I am full of life now,” she added. “People don’t even recognize me when I walk by them in the street. It’s knocked years of my life.”


Armstrong said her five grandchildren are loving her transformation. 

“My eldest grandson, who’s five, is wanting me to go snowboarding,” Armstrong said, adding that she and her family are hoping to travel around Scotland now that she can travel without the pain she experienced before. 

"I am full of life now," Armstrong said. "People don’t even recognize me when I walk by them in the street. It’s knocked years of my life."

Armstrong’s husband Stuart told SWNS that he’s “very proud” of his wife. 

“She’s totally rocking it,” he said. “It couldn’t get better.”

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