Woman makes PowerPoint slides to tell parents shes a stripper – they love it

A woman has revealed her secret stripping career to her parents in a hilariously formal way – by making a PowerPoint presentation.

In a video filmed by her sister, the TikToker @lex1898 asks her mum and dad to sit in front of the television where she is about to explain her exciting job.

She pulls up the PowerPoint slides and starts by saying: "Before you start worrying, or get excited, this secret pertains to my life, doesn’t affect anyone.

"I wanted to share this so the persons I love and trust the most know what's going on in my life and can just be part of my journey.

"What the secret does mean: I’m talented, I’m cool, I’m powerful.

"What the secret doesn’t mean: I’m pregnant or in danger."

While her dad compliments her on the use of Spongebob characters images, she asks for a "drumroll" as she goes on to the big reveal.

"I'm a stripper!" she exclaims. "As in I pole dance in a strip club and I love it."

Stunned, her dad asks: "Are you really?" She continues to explain why she picked the job and if it is a danger to her personal safety.

"It's a sex positive environment and I can express myself safely," the daughter elaborates to her parents.

"It's a performance, the theatrics if you will. There is full anonymity, you might not know what it works per se…"

Wanting more explanation, her mum interrupts and admits: "I don't know."

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She assures her that her workplace has no involvement with drugs and "shady businesses" and confesses that this is the reason why she can "suspiciously" afford to pay herself.

After the short presentation, her dad says: "It just adds more colour to the flavour of the family."

Her sister also mentioned in the caption that their mum also showed support, saying: "I’m surprised how proud I am."

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