Woman reveals hack to keep bugs away this summer and all you need is soap

A WOMAN has revealed a cheap hack to keep bugs away this summer and all you need is soap.

 A TikToker found another use for an Irish Spring soap bar and it doesn't require getting it wet.

In a video, mom and housewife JoJo shared: "If I take Irish Spring soap, shred it up, and sprinkle it around outside where I'm going to be sitting, it's going to keep the bugs away."

The blonde TikTok star proceeded to shred a bar in her kitchen before putting it in a bowl, adding: "It smells phenomenal."

She then proceeded to spread it around her patio, specifically around a spot she was going to be sitting for the rest of the sunny afternoon.

"Since it's summer and finally hot in Minnesota, I'm hoping it's really going to work."

In a second video, the mom shared an update with her followers where she was sitting outside in the dark with her family as they set off fireworks.

"Update, it seems as it's working. It's keeping the mosquitos away."

Some of her followers noticed there was a mosquito on her foot at the time but it flew away pretty quickly.

Commenters also said that the soap smell also keeps other pests away, including mice and flies.

One fan wrote: "It will keep mice away also, if you just open the box and put it in your camper or whatever else."

And a second one added: "If you put Irish Spring soap in your kitchen drawers or whatever you have seen them."

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