Woman shares ‘mind-blowing’ trick to reuse nail file and it looks completely new

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A young woman has found a "mind-blowing" secret on nail file that could stop women from buying them every few months.

Lucai Ramsden, from Manchester, recently discovered a "hidden layer" on the beauty tool that double its shelf life.

The 21-year-old revealed the secret on TikTok, which racked up 647,000 views since she posted it on December 2.

The clip shows her peeling off the top layer to reveal a pink layer on top.

She tests it out and confirms that it's as good as a new nail file.

Lucia wrote: "So it turns out the rumours are true …"

Many viewers were shocked by the results and wondered "how" the trick works.

Of course the trick doesn't apply to glass and metal file and Lucia added that it only works on certain brands.

One tried and tested viewer said: "Oh my God I recently noticed the layers and peeled it. Damn there was a whole new nail file."

But another didn't much luck, commenting: "I ruined my nail file for this. There was only one layer."

A third added: "Not all does this, so don't be trying it on the files you all have laying around."

A fourth penned: "That's the Body Shop one and it's supposed to do that."

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