The 6 Best Razors for Men to Get That Perfect Clean, Smooth Shave

Shaving is a minefield. The moment you take a sharp blade to your face, you run the risk of a seemingly endless list of possible problems: cuts, nicks, razor burn, ingrown hairs. I could go on, but you know what I’m talking about.

Getting an effective shave takes patience, experience, technique, and of course, the right equipment. Starting with your razor. Using a good razor puts you light years ahead of the game. But knowing what is the right razor for you is hard, thanks to an avalanche of options out there.

And there are debates, oh the debates. Some people say more blades give you a better shave; others say the more blades you use, the more you are prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. Some people say electric razors are the way to go; others swear by single-use disposables. There are traditionalists, who favor old school techniques, and modernists who lean toward technology. Not to mention subscription shaving clubs who say we’ve been duped into paying higher prices for drugstore brands for years.

Where you fall on the debate is a personal decision. Everyone’s skin is different and therefore, so are our shaving needs. No matter what razor you use, always make sure it’s sharp (switch it after a few uses), since a dull razor wreaks havoc on your face no matter what kind it is. Don’t shave too fast, even when you’re pressed for time, because that’s when we end up gushing blood. And always shave after a shower, when facial hair is at its softest and easiest to cut.

The razor you choose comes down to your personal preference and what your skin’s needs are. Check out the 6 best razors for every man.

Best All-Around Razor

The new Gillette Heated Razor has turned the warm barbershop shave into a chargeable, heatable cartridge razor that softens the hair while it shaves.

Best Affordable Razor

While you’ve been reading this story, Harry’s has quietly taken over the world with their well-priced, easy-to-get razors. Yes, their razors are inexpensive, but they also work. Really work. They’re classic multi-blade cartridges, the kind every man in the modern age is used to, and work well for all kinds of skin types. And since they’re inexpensive, it’s easier to change them out more often to keep them sharp.

Best Straight Razor

The thinking behind the resurgence of the safety razor is that a single blade actually won’t give you as close of a shave as a multi-blade razor, which is important for anyone who deals with ingrown hairs and razor bumps, since shaving too close can actually make it easier for stubble to get caught in your skin. Bevel’s perfectly-weighted safety razor makes it easy to make the transition and is especially good for those who’ve never used one before to learn on, without shredding their necks.

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or are already prone to irritation, shaving can become a special kind of hell. This new Gillette razor has a special guard on the blade, which prevents it from shaving too close and thus causing irritation, but doesn’t sacrifice efficacy. You still get a pretty close shave (though not baby smooth) without the rash.

Best Electric Razor

An electric razor that doesn’t pull or irritate your skin, even during the adjustment period? Yes, please! You can use this one for both wet and dry shaving with minimal irritation and the cool charging pad will even charge your iPhone.

Best Green Razor

This razor has a removable bamboo handle and metal parts, and features recycled packaging. And it shaves as well as any other razor.

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People are transforming their broken plant pots into magical ‘fairy gardens’

If you noticed that one of your plant pots had broken, it's pretty likely you'd just throw it away – after all, what good is a plant pot that you can plant something in?

But what if there was another use for it?

A number of people on the internet have found a creative way to keep their broken pots and transform them into something quirky for the garden – and it's bound to be something kids will love, if you happen to have any.

People across Instagram are transforming their broken plant pots into adorable looking 'fairy gardens'.

In order to do this, they are adding a number of features, including miniature houses, stepping stones, toadstools, painted rocks and small flowers.

Of course there also has to be one or two fairy figurines or toys to dot about the place.

Many have also incorporated the broken parts of the pot to create different levels and looks.

Some creative types also added fairy lights into their garden to make the whole thing that little bit more magical.

Those who don't have a broken pot can still jump on the trend and make their own in a regular one.

You can also create fairy-inspired areas in other parts of the garden – for instance, by placing a tiny ' fairy door' at the base of a tree or adding decorative touches to a window box.

And if you're feeling particularly lazy about the whole thing, there are fairy garden kits you can purchase on Amazon, so your little ones can have all the fun of making one. They also come in cute unicorn versions.

More than 700 people have shared reviews for the product, with 70 percent of reviews being five star.

One happy customer said: "Bought for a six-year-old and was a huge success. She loved it! We had fun making it and getting it just right for fairy friends. It looked very pretty and she is enjoying trimming the grass."

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Cheryl’s new single, Let You, PRAISED by fans as ‘her greatest hit’ as stunning video is finally released: ‘The Cheryl I loved is back’

Cheryl’s army of fans can’t get enough of her new single Let You , after the mum-of-one released the music video and anthem on Friday.

The electric new single features an 80’s-esque synth track with the lyrics: “Let you put your hands on my body, every time. I gave you what you wanted, but when am I gonna get mine?”

The video features Cheryl with a mystery male, before she dances with a group of friends – and at one stage, she appears completely topless while singing.

Fans in their masses have shared their thoughts on the new anthem – with many claiming they’re glad to see “our old Cheryl back”.

“Just watched @CherylOfficial “Let You” video. Wow! So glad to see the Cheryl I loved, is back. Perfect summer song,” one wrote, while another added: “you’ve beaten everyone with the best birthday present ever! I’ve had let you on repeat since it dropped & I never want to turn it off ! lysm!” [sic ]

“She’s BACK! This is the best single ever!” a third added.

  • Cheryl shares first listen of brand new single Let You before long-awaited release – sending fans into meltdown

Revealing the meaning of the song, Cheryl told MailOnline: “For some reason, sometimes as women we allow a lot of bad behaviour and then we wonder why they treat us badly… it’s about setting boundaries and being like that’s not OK.

"It was really like, I'm mature enough to say it was my fault, I let you treat me that way.

“I only let you treat me that way because I let you and the video represents that as well, a girl, me, living in an apartment and then feeling empowered when I leave, dancing with my friends in the street, as you do!”

  • Cheryl poses in bra in stunning new photoshoot as she reveals she's 'made mistakes in relationships' during new candid interview

However, she did deny that it was about any ex in particular.

She added: 'I'm not worried, I mean, obviously you know it’s coming from me so that’s bound to happen anyway, but I didn’t sit there writing anything from a personal experience.

"I wanted to write a song for everyone, especially women, to be like: 'Yeah, I get that,' they can sing along with it… it’s really not that deep!"

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Should 007 Treat Women Better? ‘Bond Doesn’t Need To,’ Phoebe Waller-Bridge Says, But Her Film Will

Across 24 previous 007 films, James Bond has tangled with women of every background imaginable: some every bit his equal (see Michelle Yeoh in “Tomorrow Never Dies” and Sophie Marceau in “The World Is Not Enough”), and some who’ve felt dropped into his spy adventures as little more than eye candy with next to nothing to do. That hit or miss record is almost certainly because the Bond film franchise has historically only ever had one female screenwriter: Johanna Harwood, who helped launch the series with writing credits on its first two films, “Dr. No” and “From Russia With Love.”

Until now that is: “Fleabag” star Phoebe Waller-Bridge has polished the script for Bond 25, currently shooting in Jamaica, after she helped bring a more contemporary edge to the spy genre by creating the acclaimed BBC America series “Killing Eve.”

So does Waller-Bridge want to address the 007 franchise’s historical wrongs against women? According to a new interview with Deadline, her answer is yes… and no.

“There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not [the Bond franchise] is relevant now because of who he is and the way he treats women,” she said. “I think that’s bollocks. I think he’s absolutely relevant now. It has just got to grow. It has just got to evolve, and the important thing is that the film treats the women properly. He doesn’t have to. He needs to be true to this character.”

Bond himself has treated women poorly throughout its entire big screen history, from Connery’s 007 dismissing a conquest in “Goldfinger” by slapping her derriere and saying she shouldn’t be present for “man talk” to Daniel Craig’s Bond coldly reacting to the death of a lover in “Skyfall.”

Waller-Bridge feels that that may indeed by who the character is, but that the film doesn’t have to share Bond’s point of view and can give its female characters much greater dimensionality, that they feel “like real people.”

Léa Seydoux, who played the female lead in the last 007 entry “Spectre” is back for Bond 25, alongside new additions Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas. Waller-Bridge said, “I just want 
to make sure that when they get those pages through, that Lashana, Léa and Ana open them and go, ‘I can’t wait to do that.’ As an actress, I very rarely had that feeling early in my career. That brings me much pleasure, knowing that I’m giving that to an actress.”

Waller-Bridge cautioned that it’s unfair to say she’s writing the script, rather than just polishing the dialogue since the story was already set when she came onboard. The main thing that spoke to her about Daniel Craig’s Bond was the voice of his particular version of the character: droll, deadpan, understated in a very British way.

“When I saw his Bond for the first time, there was a wryness to his performance that I really loved,” she said. “So, I was really excited about writing dialogue for him. I mean, the script was there. It’s already there. I think it’s unfair to say that I’m writing the script.”

The still-untitled Bond 25 will be released in April 2020.

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Lady Gaga Was Peak Gaga in a Tulle Skirt and Teeny T-Shirt at the Opening of Her Vegas Exhibit

Lady Gaga’s latest outfit proves why her wardrobe is worthy of its own exhibit. With her two Las Vegas residencies well underway, the singer and actress recently celebrated the grand opening of her Haus of Gaga exhibit at the Park MGM on May 30. The exhibit will display memorabilia and her many memorable outfits, including her famous meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as the many Brandon Maxwell looks she wore to the most recent Met Gala.

For the party, Gaga was peak Gaga wearing an oversize orange tulle skirt, motorcycle jacket, leopard sunglasses, and a teeny cropped t-shirt with the phrase, “Don’t be a drag just be a queen,” borrowed from her 2011 song “Born This Way.” To take the outfit a step further, Gaga also wore ultrahigh platform boots, which felt reminiscent of the sky-high Alexander McQueen heels she often wore at the start of her career.

The look is particularly exciting given her more classically glamorous and buttoned-up appearance during last year’s the A Star Is Born press tour and subsequent award season. We have to say, it’s good to have her back. See photos of Gaga seemingly having the most fun ever ahead.

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Here’s What Royal Baby Archie Might Be Up To On His First Fourth Of July

One of the newest additions to the British royal family is Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. And I don’t know if you know this, but he’s half-American. Unless something drastic changes, Archie will be raised in the U.K., which means he could miss out on some things his mom used to do in the U.S. Like, celebrating Independence Day. Still, Archie could end up celebrating the Fourth of July as he grows up for one major reason.

Nope, it’s not that Meghan Markle has big plans to bring the holiday to the literal crown it represents leaving. It’s just that she really likes celebrating things.

In addition to being an actor, before Markle got her duchess on, she wrote a lifestyle blog called The Tig. The site was full of recipes, gift guides, hosting tips, and all sorts of things about celebrating holidays. Markle has already shown she’s keeping her interests alive in her new role, through her patronages and her work with the Hubb Community Kitchen. Also, remember that time she baked banana bread while on her royal tour in Australia? She genuinely loves cooking and baking.

So, it would make sense then that Markle would still want to do something for the Fourth of July, if only so she can use it as an excuse to make food. The Tig is no longer available, but some of the archives are available on other sites, and this includes some of the recipes.

One dish that looks particularly good for the Fourth of July is a Ginger Berry Crumble, which features blueberries and blackberries baked with a crumbly topping. Markle also posted about a Signature Tig Cup, which is her take on a Pimm’s Cup. It looks refreshing for a hot July day and also is very English. (Although her recipe doesn’t actually contain Pimm’s, which could be a point of contention.)

In the description for the Tig Cup, Markle described her perfect summer day, which could give us a clue as to how she and her family might spend the Fourth of July. (Well, maybe not this Fourth since Archie will still be infant):

She also pointed out in the five-year-old post that she’s an Anglophile:

Markle also wrote a post specifically about the Fourth of July in July 2014 titled "Musings on Independence":

She ended the post with a quote from feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk.

Maybe eventually Markle will share how she continues to keep up American traditions while living in the U.K. with her family and being a duchess. But, for now, one just has to assume she’ll celebrate Fourth of Julys to come by cooking up a festive meal and teaching Archie about feminism.

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Lit firecracker thrown into subway train sparks morning commute chaos

Someone tossed a lit firecracker into an F train at 14th Street during the morning commute Friday, causing chaos when it exploded, according to riders and MTA officials.

Twitter user @Amelia_Vogler tweeted that someone threw the “lit, explosive firecracker” into a rear car of the northbound train about 9:30 a.m.

“Nothing makes you contemplate your own mortality on a Summer Friday commute more than an explosive device being thrown mere inches from you in a subway car,” she wrote.

After the blast, terrified commuters stampeded the 23rd Street station platform.

“Just fled a northbound F train with all the passengers. Complete panic,” said Twitter user @LeslieBradshaw. “Unclear of the issue, but full stampede moving from car to car – chaos. We all ran off at the 23rd Street stop.”

Twitter user @davecalhoun added, “Just got caught up in a terrifying stampede on the NY subway. People came flooding in from the next carriage screaming and set off a chain reaction of fear.”

Another tweeter, @jdlbrooklyn, wrote that he was “rattled.”

“I got pushed down and stepped on, then pulled up by someone and we helped each other get out,” the person said.

One straphanger sustained minor injuries in the chaos, FDNY officials said, and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Transit officials said they were aware of the “very scary situation” and police are investigating.

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What time is Britain's Got Talent 2019 on ITV tonight and who is appearing in the latest semi-final?

BRITAIN’S Got Talent continues tonight (May 31, 2019) with its fifth and final live semi-final, with each and every act battling it out in the hopes of landing a spot in Sunday's grand final.

So who are the eight acts that are taking to the stage to impress the judges and viewers at home tonight? Let’s find out…

Fabulous Sisters

Originally being from Japan, the Fabulous Sisters are probably one of the most talented dance acts to have ever entered the competition.

Their routine is ridiculously fast, and you honestly begin to wonder how one can even practice and learn a routine that’s so quick.

Regarding their upcoming live semi-final performance, the group gushed: “We’re going to combine elements of elegance and power to wow the British public”.


Gonzo – also from Japan – has an extraordinary talent, that’s for sure.

While his talent in aggressively playing the tambourine isn’t quite the talent we were hoping to see in the semi-finals, there’s no denying that Gonzo is super entertaining to watch.

Does he stand a chance against his strong competitors? We shall find out tonight.

Libby & Charlie

Libby & Charlie are the lucky chosen ones who have advanced to the semi-final after The Brotherhood was forced to pull out of the contest at the very last minute.

Given those circumstances, we already know that Libby and Charlie wouldn’t have had a lot of time to rehearse for their performance, but we hope they can pull it off.

Going off by their impressive dance act in their audition, it seemed rather surprising that they didn’t make it through in the first place.

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin’s escape act during his audition left the judges feeling rather uncomfortable and amazed at the same time.

If there's a fire happening and plenty of danger involved, it’s usually an act you don’t want to miss out on.

Jonathan ticks all those boxes, having set himself on fire while trying to free himself from a

And quite frankly, for a split second, we didn’t even think that Jonathan was going to survive his daring act of hanging upside down, being set on fire and freeing himself from a straitjacket.

It would seem as if Jonathan is risking it all once again, saying: “I’m super excited about the Semi-Finals of BGT. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m really excited to see if I can pull off what I have planned”.

Jacob Jones

Who can forget Jacob Jones’ unforgettable performance?

By the end of his act, viewers assumed that he was simply going to get through and that was that. Well, not quite.

Jacob literally stunned everybody when he invited his girlfriend on stage with him before getting on one knee and popping the question.

With his forthcoming performance, Jones shared: “In the next performance you will see something totally unexpected and outside of the box”.

Leanne Mya

Leanne Mya hopes to tear the house down with her upcoming performance during tonight’s live-semi final.

She poured her heart out while singing in front of Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell, David Walliams, and Amanda Holden during her audition.

And everything got really emotional for Leanne, who told the audience that she’s a Grenfell tower survivor, which evidently explained why her performance came across as sincere and heartfelt.

Leanne says that her semi-final act is all about inspiring others, and she hopes that she can achieve just that with the song she’s singing tonight.

She said: “I want to inspire people, and my performance will be a homage to one of my heroes who is also a huge supporter of the Grenfell community”.


X is the mysterious that more or less proved to the nation that Ant and Dec are more or less related to one another.

In their audition, you’ll recall how the hosts were brought up on stage as X demonstrated that both Ant and Dec share a psychic connection between one another.

The two were so in motion with everything that X said to them, but will the performance go just as well as it did during the audition? We’ll have to find out tonight.

Barbara Nice

Barbara Nice left the judges in stitches with her hilarious comedy routine at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions earlier this year, so we’re already expecting her to make a solid return during tonight’s show.

But will she be able to live up to the hype?

Speaking of her act tonight, the 65-year-old revealed: “I am really looking forward to performing at The Apollo in the Live Semi-Finals.

“I loved my audition and can’t wait to be part of it all again – with the added edge of it being live!”

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Ciara Announces Tour After Explosive Performance On GMA — Watch

Ciara is going on tour! The incredible singer and dancer announced the exciting news after tearing up the stage during a ‘GMA’ summer concert that left fans in a frenzy.

She’s promoting a new album, being a super mom, and taking classes at Harvard, but Ciara has found the time to do something else huge: go on tour! The “Thinkin’ Bout You” singer, 33, announced after her powerhouse performance on Good Morning America on May 31 that she’s touring soon after releasing her new album, Beauty Marks. Ciara didn’t divulge any details about the tour, like when it will start or what cities she’ll be gracing with her presence, but she did give some major hints!

“I’m going on tour, and it’s some select, really important dates for me in places that show me some love,” Ciara revealed. “So, I’ll be putting those dates on my socials. So you guys can look out for those dates and the tickets will be going on sale really soon. I’ll be announcing those on my socials, so stay tuned. I’m really excited to go on the road and rock.” As of press time, she hasn’t posted that online, but we’ll update you with all that information when she does!

Ciara’s fans are obviously ecstatic about the tour news and they flipped out on Twitter after finding out. “Ok I need to plan accordingly… where are these dates?!” one fan tweeted, tagging @ciara. “Fave put out the dates already!!!!! #Ciara #TeamCiara #CSquad we have a TOUR!!!,” wrote another. “Y’all, Ciara announced she is going on tour and the fan girl in me has jumped out and haven’t sat down since!!!” One fan had an amazing idea: a Ciara and Janet Jackson team up. Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

Ciara has been crushing it since dropping her new album and its two singles, “Thinkin’ Bout You” and “Trust Myself”. The video for “Beauty Marks” is pretty amazing, too. It’s footage of Ciara giving birth to her daughter with husband Russell Wilson, Sienna!

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Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment To Produce Doc Series About Youth Racing School With MoJo

EXCLUSIVE: Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment is to produce a documentary series about a youth racing school that teaches kids motorsports after striking a deal with nascent production and management company MoJo.

The two companies are developing Urban Youth Racing School, a TV docu-series based on a Racing School located in Philadelphia.

The school is a program for city students ages 8-18 founded by Anthony Martín and his wife Michelle over 20 years ago that teaches science technology, engineering, mathematics and motorsports, culminating in the creation of a real student racing team.

Smith, his brother-in-law Caleeb Pinkett, Overbrook co-founder James Lassiter will exec produce with MoJo Founders Morris Ruskin and The Visit director Jordan Walker-Pearlman. MoJo’s Alex Flores will produce alongside associate producer Crystal Roney.

The series is set to start shooting in the next school season with a set of special guest stars expected to be lined up.

MoJo was recently set up by Shoreline Entertainment CEO Ruskin, who co-produced Glengarry Glen Ross, with Walker-Pearlman.

Pinkett said, “When I first learned about this school my initial reaction was, why didn’t we know about this? I think teaching through racing is a brilliant way to reach children who may not excel in a traditional school setting.”

Walker-Pearlman added, “The whole vibe, energy, and vision of what Anthony and Michelle have created in this school inspires me and it makes me think of some of the kids I grew up with that would have loved to have had the opportunity UYRS makes real. These kids start excited to race and finish ready to live.”

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