Anthony Joshua slams Dillian Whyte claims he lost to Andy Ruiz Jr because he couldn't 'legally dope'

FURIOUS Anthony Joshua has slammed accusations he lost his world titles to roly-poly Andy Ruiz because he could not “legally dope”.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has also blasted “fake” rumours his fighter suffered a panic attack before entering the ring on Saturday.

Joshua’s bitter British rival Dillian Whyte yesterday claimed 19st Ruiz pulled off one of the biggest upsets in boxing history because AJ was “not on the juice” in his five-week training camp.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Whyte alleged: “Joshua could be heard on camera asking his trainer Rob McCracken, ‘Why do I feel like this?’ after the sixth round.

“It is because you’re in America with the VADA testing and you’re not on the juice, that’s why.

“It’s harder to get therapeutic use exemptions in America than the UK, that’s why.”

It is not the first time Whyte has made the allegations. Joshua, 29, has always vehemently denied taking drugs.

Last night a Joshua spokesperson insisted: “These comments are 100 per cent false.

“Anthony is one of the most tested athletes in sport and has been VADA and UKAD tested in the UK for all of his fights.

“He was tested as much in the States as he has been in the UK for every fight.”

Hearn also denied rumours in the US that Joshua was concussed from a sparring KO or suffered a panic attack before entering the ring.

The promoter said: “Panic attack? I’ve heard all sorts of rumours — there was no issue at all going into the fight. It’s a fake story.”

Whyte's slurs

FEB 26: Whyte calls AJ “the Lance Armstrong of heavyweight boxing”. Joshua responds by saying: “I do not shove needles up my a***”.

APRIL 18: After Jarrell Miller’s failed drug test, Whyte claims: “Joshua’s on TUEs. That’s a fact, 100 per cent. Probably got ADHD, low testosterone — everything.”

APRIL 29: Whyte claims Miller failed a drugs test in order to compete with a “juiced-up” AJ, saying: “Miller knows Joshua’s on TUEs, he probably got scared.”

MAY 1: AJ reveals the extent to which he is tested: “I can’t talk for Miller or Povetkin. But my team is the best in the business. I’m tested more than 16 times a year, probably 16 times in each camp. I have tests done by UKAD and VADA.” He also calls for lifetime bans for dopers.

JUNE 2: Shortly after Andy Ruiz’s win, Whyte simply tweets a link to The Verve’s song The Drugs Don’t Work.

JUNE 3: Whyte claims AJ lost against Ruiz because he wasn’t able to dope: “You’re in America with the VADA testing and you’re not on the juice, that’s why you felt different. It’s harder to get therapeutic use exemptions.”

Joshua has faced similar “juicing” accusations from Whyte and disgraced multi-doper Jarrell Miller in the past, pointing to his clean record in response.

But Whyte insists Josh has benefited from a legal loophole where athletes get special permission to take usually banned substances to ease illnesses.

In February, when Miller made similar claims, Joshua hit back: “That’s a compliment because, if I was doping, I would not even be able to fit in this shirt.

“If you dedicate yourself to anything, your work or your training, then it gets better.

“I have applied myself properly and they are the results. I have been training since I was 18.

“I do not shove needles up my a***.”

Whyte was unable to provide any evidence for his accusations.

And the 31-year-old added: “When Joshua got hurt he didn’t know whether to hold or tie up.

“He seemed like he wasn’t bothered, like he didn’t want to be there.

“Maybe he couldn’t deal with the pressure.

“He said he was the landlord but he failed to collect the rent.”

Accusations that AJ was already concussed were fuelled when dad Robert berated Hearn.
Joshua had to hold his dad back from getting to Hearn and appeared to shout: “No dad, it was me, I wanted to fight.”

Hearn added: “Anthony’s dad was upset with the result. It’s a very emotional time.

“You have to forget what’s in play — the money, the networks, the belts — and remember it’s just sport.”

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