Bellator 222: Dillon Danis brushes off 'Drake Curse' fears ahead of fight with Max Humphrey

DILLON DANIS is determined to remain patient on his quest to reach the top of MMA – and he does not believe the infamous Drake curse will effect.

The 25-year-old was recently caught on camera with the Canadian rapper, who has become something of a global phenomenon after several teams and individuals suffered misfortune after meeting him.

But Danis, a training partner of Conor McGregor , is not worried one bit about it going into his fight with Max Humphrey at tomorrow’s Bellator 222 at Madison Square Garden.

He told MMA Fighting: “No, when you are this good you don’t believe in that… it’s all bulls***.

“It’s already been debunked and curse is like superstitions, and I don’t believe in s*** like that, it’s all BS.

“I feel like that would be a guy looking for an excuse when he loses, so I don’t believe in all that.

American Danis is a jiu-jitsu world champion is looking to take his record to 2-0 in Bellator after his maiden triumph over Kyle Walker last April.

But speaking at yesterday’s pre-fight media day, he revealed he is in no rush to get to the top.

He explained: “I’ve seen guys, they start off, and they go too fast.

“The people that care about you will give you the best advice. Obviously I weigh up what I want to do, weigh up what my coach wants to do, and we go from there.

“I feel like having a good team around you is very important, because you’ve seen guys without good teams and you see one, two fights, and they’re gone, or you don’t really hear about them anymore.

“Even with (Aaron) Pico, I think this is a tough fight to come back from a knockout. How old is he? 23? Getting knocked out, dropping his first fight is not good for your brain. He has what? Ten, 15 years of fighting left? You shouldn’t be getting caught and put to sleep like that and keep fighting.

“I don’t know him, I have nothing against him. I’m just saying you need to be smart with MMA. MMA is not wresting, it’s not jiu-jitsu, it’s a different animal.

“You’ve got to be smart, and you’ve got to be tuned into everything.”

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