Ben Askren branded a 'fat slob' after Jake Paul loss by Stephen A Smith, who says former UFC star should be 'ashamed'

BEN ASKREN went into his showdown with Jake Paul looking like a 'fat slob', according to ESPN's Stephen A Smith.

The former UFC welterweight was wiped out in the first round of his Triller Fight Club boxing match with the YouTuber last Sunday, with a beautiful one-two combination putting him down.

Askren, 36, tipped the scales at 191lbs for his lucrative cash with the social media say, which earned him a guaranteed £500,000.

But Smith was far from impressed by the condition of the Olympic wrestler, saying on First Take: "Ben Askren should be ashamed of himself.

"He walked in there looking like a fat slob – I'm serious.

"He looked liked somebody's grandparent. I mean it was pathetic. It really, really was.

"To know that he is a professional fighter – see I don't hold that against heavyweights.

"If you're a heavyweight or a heavyweight in the UFC and stuff like that, I get all of that.



"But there is no excuse, there was no excuse, for Ben Askren to walk in the ring looking like that."

Smith also far from impressed by Askren's approach for the much-maligned fight.

He continued: "Did you see how he was holding up his hands? It was like a fighter from the 1940s.

"I didn't know if I was watching him or Jake Lamotta or Joe Louis.

"I'm like, 'What the hell is this? This is unbelievable.' I couldn't believe how he looked."

The often hyper-critical Smith wasn't impressed by Paul's brutal stoppage on account of Askren's striking prowess.

And he's urged the 24-year-old to start pursuing fights with legitimate boxers.

He said: "Here's the reality of the situation: you're going into the ring against non-boxers.

"At some point in time, you've got to go in there against somebody who at least has an amateur record.

"I mean somebody that's trying to be a pro."

Former Bellator and ONE Championship 170lb king Askren felt humiliated by his ill-fated professional boxing debut, saying: “I got knocked out by Jake Paul – it’s f***ing embarrassing."

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