Does the US Open have a fifth set tie-break or do players need to win by two clear games? – The Sun

THE US Open final has arrived and Andy Murray is making his singles return.

And he has already gone to a fifth set as he faces Yoshihito Nishioka in the first round.

But what happens if matches reach 6-6 in the final set?

Does the US Open have a fifth set tie-break?

The US Open DOES have a fifth set tie-break and has done since 1970.

It is the only Grand Slam in which the fifth set is decided in the same way as all other sets.

How do fifth sets work at other grand slams?

As of 2019, each Grand Slam has a different method of deciding the fifth set.

At Wimbledon, a tie-break is only used when the score reaches 12-12.

But in the French Open players are still required to play out the set until there is a winner by two clear games.

The Australian Open does have a fifth set tie-break, but players must reach ten points rather than seven to win.

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