Football stickers being sold for THOUSANDS – and if you own any you could be sitting on a small fortune

THESE football stickers are being sold for THOUSANDS – and if you own any you could be sitting on a small fortune.

One of the priciest stickers around is of Brazilian legend, Ronaldo, from his time at PSV Eindhoven where he was managed by ex-England manager Sir Bobby Robson – it’s available for £34,000.

A sticker of Zinedine Zidane from the Panini Foot 92 album isn’t too far off that amount – and could make you more than £33,000.

Erling Haaland is hot property in the footballing world and it’s no different in the world of stickers – one from his spell at Red Bull Salzburg can be bought for £8,000 plus.

While one of another star in the making, Kylian Mbappé, from the Topps UEFA Champions League 2017/18 has also recently been sold for almost £3,000.

The study by 888sport was carried out to identify 10 of the most valuable and sought after stickers available to buy on auction sites.

A spokesman for 888sport said: “Football stickers are no longer just a hobby, but a way for some people to make serious money.

“You could have a goldmine tucked away just waiting to be discovered.”

The debate as to who is better – Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo – rumbles on but when it comes to soccer adhesives, the Argentine edges it.

A sticker of Messi from the Panini La Liga 2004/05 collection might bring in £6K or more, while CR7’s sticker from the Panini Fotebol 2002/03 album could earn you close to £5K.

Other noteworthy stickers include Pelé from the Panini Calciatori 1965/66 collection (£4,995.00), and David Beckham from the Panini UEFA Euro 2000 album (£2,564.00).

While a sticker of recently retired women’s football star, Carli Lloyd is currently being sold for more than £2K.

Football stickers were the brainchild of brothers, Giuseppi and Benito Panini who came up with the idea in 1960, eventually founding Panini.

Since then, brands such as Merlin and Topps have arrived on the scene, creating a multimillion-pound industry to a chorus of “got” and “not-got” from children across the globe.

And now, much like retro shirts and programmes, stickers are expensive commodities which are bought and sold – almost like stocks and shares.

A spokesman for 888sport added: “Whether you’re a completionist or a sporting memorabilia expert, the internet has changed the world of football stickers in recent years, serving as a one-stop swap shop for the humble football sticker.

“Fans in search of that elusive shiny or nightmare-inducing haircut on an 80s player portrait shot can finally fill their boots and complete that dog-eared sticker album from years gone by.

“Not only that, but truly rare stickers are changing hands for eye-watering prices as the fabled “rookie sticker” has seen its value skyrocket in parallel with players’ careers.”

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Listed price: £34,229.04

Club: PSV Eindhoven

Sticker album: Panini Voetbal 95

The Brazilian goal machine’s first appearance in the world of football stickers is also one of the most desirable stickers around.


Listed price: £33,374.15

Club: Cannes

Sticker album: Panini Foot 92

Zidane is one of only eight players have won the World Cup, Champions League and Ballon d’Or – and as such this 1992 Cannes sticker is highly valuable.


Listed price: £8,557.48

Club: Red Bull Salzburg

Sticker album: 2019 Panini Fussball Bundesliga

The hottest prospect in the modern game is also one of the most wanted assets for collectors.


Listed price: £6,195.79

Club: Barcelona

Year: Panini La Liga 2004/05

Messi may have appeared in 18 different La Liga collections, but it’s the Argentine GOAT’s first Barca appearance that could really boost your bank balance.


Listed price: £4,995.00

Club: Brazil National Team

Year: Panini Calciatori 1965/66

Arguably the greatest football player of all time, this sticker from the peak of his powers is a reminder of his glory days.


Listed price: £4,620.18

Club: Sporting CP

Year: Panini Fotebol 2002/03

CR7 started his glittering career at Sporting CP in his homeland of Portugal – and his first appearance in a sticker book commands a hefty fee.

With more than 300 international caps to her name in, Lloyd’s sticker is a huge asset for collectors.


Listed price: £3,999.99

Club: Manchester United

Sticker album: Panini Manchester United 2008

Cristiano makes a second appearance in the list – this time from his time at Man Utd, where he really started to rise to prominence.


Listed price: £2,799.99

Club: Monaco

Sticker album: Topps UEFA Champions League 2017/18

Like Haaland, Mbappé is regarding as the one of the next big things in football and as such this sticker from is time at Monaco is much sought after.


Listed price: £2,564.00

Club: England national team

Year: 2000

Sticker album: Panini UEFA Euro 2000

Beckham’s second major tournament for his country came in the 2000 Euros – and despite England crashing out in the group stages this sticker is highly valuable.


Listed price: £2,029.99

Club: United States national team

Year: 2011

Sticker album: 2011 Panini Women's World Cup

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