Jake Paul challenged to $100,000 winner-take-all six-round sparring session by women's champion Claressa Shields

JAKE PAUL has been challenged to a $100,000 winner-take-all sparring session over six rounds by women's champion Claressa Shields.

YouTube star Paul and the undisputed boxing queen have feuded online in recent months.

But Shields is now ready to put her money where her mouth is and settle it in the ring and called on Paul's assistant trainer J'Leon Love to set it up.

She tweeted: "I got 100,000$ of my own money I’ll put up that Jake Paul can’t beat me in sparring! That’s on me!

"Let alone a [email protected] tell ya mans I said what’s up! I fight December 11th, he fight the 18th after that we can sparr 6 rounds!

"Best 4 out of 6 rounds! If it last all 6."

Paul, 24, is only 4-0 as a boxer, compared to Shields who is a three-weight champ and double Olympic gold medallist.

But the social media sensation fights at 190lbs, 13st 5lb, compared to Shields who makes her return at the 160lb middleweight limit of 11st 6lb.


Despite the size disparity, she again hit out at Paul and blasted his record of opponents.

Shields, 26, told Sports Illustrated: “You don’t even have enough accomplishment to even say my name.

"To even speak of me. You’ve never been to the Olympics. What did you make the Olympics on YouTube? That s*** don’t exist. That’s fake.

"When it comes to the real world of boxing, Jake Paul will never be no world champion. He can just keep picking his opponents.”

Shields is unbeaten at 11-0 in the ring, but lost her second MMA fight to take her record in the cage to 1-1.

Paul mocked the result online, but Shields hit back: “Him coming at me, it made him feel better about himself.

“You still suck at boxing. You still don’t have no accomplishments. You still wouldn’t dare get in the same ring with me, let alone spar.

"And, he’s just not even worth wasting my breath. The dude is pathetic.”

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