Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Boxer who has fought both fighters breaks down why YouTuber will 'DOMINATE' Love Island star

JAKE PAUL will "dominate" Tommy Fury when the two fight on December 18.

That is according to Anthony 'Pretty Boy' Taylor, who has fought against both boxers.

On the same card that saw Paul outpoint UFC legend Tyron Woodley, Fury easily beat Taylor by the same method.

And despite being outclassed by the former Love Island star, Taylor was not impressed with what he saw first hand.

And he predicts sparring partner Paul will have too much for the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champ Tyson.

Speaking to Vegas Insider, Taylor, 32, said: “If I had to put my life on the line I’d predict Jake is going to dominate Fury. He might most likely KO Fury, or TKO.

"When you look at Tommy versus Jake, it's more like Anthony Joshua versus Uysk. Think about it, Jake moves around well using footwork and has good head movement. He moves around like Usyk.

"When you look at Tommy, he's very stationary, like Anthony Joshua. He relies on that one big punch. So that's how the fight's going to be.


"Don't expect Tommy Fury to be bouncing on his tippy toes, but expect Jake to do that because Jake got good ring awareness.”

Taylor accepts Fury's longer reach – 80in compared to Paul's 76in – will be advantageous for the Brit.

But he believes Fury has 'no knockout power' and is 'nowhere near Jake's level'.

The Californian added: "Tommy doesn't have power, he doesn't hold power. He has no pop.

"I felt every shot he hit me with, I wasn't intimidated. I just kept coming forward. You can obviously tell that Tommy doesn't have a lot of experience with sparring and fighting.

Tommy is green, Tommy's not anywhere near Jake's level

"On the other hand Jake is actually fighting high class athletes. You know, they might not be boxers, but they are world class athletes.

“Jake is twice as good as Tommy. Tommy only has that long reach. You take that long reach away and he becomes a mediocre fighter.

"Tommy is green, Tommy's not anywhere near Jake's level. I get it, people are going to say you're biased because you train with Jake. But I fought Tommy, Tommy doesn't have knockout power.

“When you look at Tyron Woodley, I guarantee you Tyron Woodley can knock out all the opponents that Tommy has fought.

"Same thing with Ben Askren. Ben Askren was out of his prime but a younger version of Ben would definitely have taken out everybody that Tommy's fought.”

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