Khabib boasts he is 'ready for war' at UFC 254 as he sends Justin Gaethje spine-tingling warning in brutal sparring clip

KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV boasted that he is 'ready for war' and sent Justin Gaethje a warning with a brutal sparring clip.

The lightweight king faces interim champion Gaethje in the UFC 254 headliner on October 24 in Abu Dhabi.

Nurmagomedov, 32, has been training in Dagestan with head coach Javier Mendez.

And he released a spine-tingling video of his preparations revealing boxing and wrestling exchanges during a sparring session.

The Russian then stated his aim to beat Gaethje, 31, who many rate as his toughest challenger due to his wrestling experience, in round three or four due to his superior intelligence in the octagon.

Khabib said: “I think my fighting IQ is much better than Justin Gaethje.

“He’s just a tough guy. He like fighting. He like blood.

"He’s like real warrior but when we talk about fighting IQ, I think my fighting IQ is much better than he has.

“Of course, Justin can fight. He can go deep. He has heart. But if you’re talking fighting IQ, I think I have much better than him.

“My goal is to make him tired. I’m going to make him tired. This is my goal.

"Maybe round number three or round number four, my plan is finish him.”

In Nurmagomedov's last fight, against Dustin Poirier, 31, in September 2019, he submitted the American in round three.

It came a year after Conor McGregor, 32, tapped out in the fourth against his bitter rival.

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That’s why…. #ufc254 #andStill#Alhamdulillah #MuhammadALI

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