KSI slams Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul bout as YouTube star asks 'why the f*** would he want to fight second best?'

YOUTUBE star KSI has slammed the proposed bout between Floyd Mayweather and former foe Logan Paul.

The 27-year-old has cast doubt on whether the fight will come to fruition, despite reports claiming the exhibition contest will take place later this year.

KSI has twice fought Paul, drawing in their first meeting, before beating him last year when the pair turned professional.

And KSI has stated it makes no sense for five-weight world champion Mayweather to return to the ring to face Paul.

He insisted that it would make more sense for the 1996 Olympic bronze medallist to face him instead.

Speaking on his second YouTube channel, KSI said: "This ain’t happening.

“Why the f*** would Mayweather say yes to this? Why would he fight the loser of me and Logan?

“I was A-side for both fights, surely Mayweather would just wanna fight the winner of me vs Logan, it just makes more sense.

"Also, Logan Paul can’t sell tickets like me. We all remember how well his ‘Challenger Games’ sold.


“Whenever I do events like the Sidemen football match, we sell thousands of tickets.

“I’m the bigger draw when it comes to boxing because I defeated the one who started it – Joe Weller – and defeated Logan Paul himself.

“So why would Mayweather want to fight second best when he could just easily fight the best?”

KSI's former trainer Viddal Riley – who is promoted by Mayweather – confirmed Paul has held talks with 'Money' over a bout.

But he insisted that Mayweather should fight the Arsenal fan ahead of the Maverick.

He said: "One thing people are, you know, not seeming to understand, Floyd is fighting the loser of the situation.

"I like Logan, I can say that – but he did lose. He had a draw then he lost. And he's still generating this attention.

"What's happened to the winner? What's happened to the golden child? Where's the real money fight?

"Where's the real money belt going to be competed for? And that's with JJ, KSI as we know."

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