New Power Slap League competitors are paid just £3,200 A FIGHT

REVEALED: New competitors in UFC boss Dana White’s Power Slap League are getting their faces disfigured for just £3,200 PER BOUT – and that’s only if they win! – as MMA veteran details starting offer from the brutal show

  • Ex-UFC fighter Eric Spicely reveals Power Slap League competitors are paid
  • Spicely confirmed on Twitter he much he was offered to take part in the show
  • Viral clips have shown competitors being left with swollen and disfigured faces

A former MMA fighter has revealed he was offered just £3,200 a bout to appear in UFC boss Dana White’s controversial new Power Slap League.

Eric Spicely, who had seven fights in the UFC between 2016 and 2019, tweeted that he received the verbal offer to compete on the brutal slap-fighting show, which was £1,624 to show up and then you double your money if you won.

Spicely balked at the offer before describing the pay as ‘f***ing nuts’ – given how viral clips from the ‘sport’ have shown competitors suffering hugely swollen and disfigured faces as a result of the unguarded and heavy blows. 

Power Slap sees competitors alternating unprotected face slaps back and forth

Former UFC fighter Eric Spicely said he was offered just £3,200 a bout to feature in Power Slap


Spicely also confirmed to MMA Fighting that he passed up on the offer and never received a contract.

The pay structure is believed to mirror the same format as UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, with fighters getting small bumps in pay for every win they accumulate.

Spicely went on to estimate that the show’s overall winner could win around £10,000 in total during the course of filming.

The format of Power Slap sees two competitors alternating unprotected face slaps back and forth with the aim of stopping your opponent from being able to compete.

A viral clip showed Romania fighter Sorin Comsa was left with a bloodied and disfigured face after receiving a brutal strike the new and bizarre sport of slap fighting

Comsa was on the receiving end of a brutal strike in the RXF Slap Fighting championship

After finally getting up and running last week, it didn’t take long for Power Slap to draw widespread criticism from fans and health experts alike over the clear dangers involved. 

The show also faced further criticism after it made its television debut a week later than planned this month amid controversy surrounding White.

The UFC President, who produces the TBS show, admitted to hitting his wife during a violent altercation on New Year’s Eve, meaning his new venture was pushed back a week.

And despite the hugely controversial start to the new show, UFC icon Conor McGregor has been full of praise for it.

McGregor, who is never afraid to express his views, posted a series of tweets commenting on the combat sport.

Sharing a series of clips on social media, in one he posted his thoughts on the keys to success in Power Slap.

The venture has received criticism over its bizarre nature along with many safety concerns

He said: ‘If anything, power slap is showing the importance of turning back your shoulder and torquing your torso into the shot. “Turning of the hip” potentially the wrong terminology being used. Hips less important? Possible also. Turn your shoulder back and torque fully into strike! K.O.’

In another post that showed a video of one contestant striking a particularly brutal slap, McGregor added: ‘Stabilize the hips. Turn the shoulder. Torque the torso. KO! Where’s my belts and my cash. Yup the Keano fella hahahaja! Classic.’

The Irishman was then questioned by a follower on what he would advise for being the best way to take a slap.

Power Slap was launched earlier this year and Conor McGregor is enjoying watching the show

The Irishman dished out his thoughts to followers about the sport and answered questions

McGregor responded: ‘Interesting question. It would have to be better to take it relaxed. 

‘However, with eyes fully on the slap at all time. 100%! Full awareness with a relaxed brace I would say is best. Then all you can do is pray the opponents sum of force x velocity is less than needed.’

McGregor then added in a separate tweet: ‘I could potentially be the Joe Rogan of Power Slap,’ in reference to legendary UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

When announcing this new competition last year, UFC president White had outlined his excitement and believed it had the potential to gain mass popularity.

Power Slap is the latest venture of UFC president Dana White who has high hopes for the sport

He had said: ‘I’m very excited for the launch of Power Slap. I’ve been working on this since 2017.

‘I saw some footage of slap fighting on social media and I was instantly hooked. From the first day I saw it, I felt like this could be big. 

‘I knew what needed to be done to make it a real sport just like we did with MMA. We got it sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) with defined rules, rankings and weight classes. Power Slap is built for the modern sports fan.’ 


  • Two competitors stand at a podium and trade open-palm slaps 
  • The duel is watched by three judges – two directly observing the fight and one analysing replays
  • Each competitor must have a mouth guard and ear protection in place
  • There are three rounds a bout – in each of them, the participant has one hit
  • There must be supporters near the competitor, to prevent them from falling after a slap
  • Before taking their shot, the players rub talcum powder on their hands
  • Feet position must be maintained before, during and after the slap
  • It is forbidden to strike the temple, orbit, nose, ear, larynx
  • The judges will make the final, irrevocable decision of the bout
  • Competitors can also win via KO, TKO or disqualification

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