Scottie Pippen adds 5-year-old to lawsuit alleging crayon damage in mansion

Scottie Pippen is officially suing a 5-year old. Yes, you read that right.

Pippen added the kindergartner to a tenant lawsuit over the condition of a Fort Lauderdale home he was renting to comedian Lindsay Glazer and her husband Jacob Woloshin. He alleges that crayon and marker drawings contributed to the decay of the house.

The mansion itself has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a full-size basketball court and a 215-foot private dock with a boat lift, among other amenities. The couple reportedly paid $30,000 a month for rent.

The former Chicago Bulls star reportedly wants to sell the home and has had it on the market since 2007, thus his anger over its condition. He filed the suit in 2018 and, per the Daily Business Review, alleged the lease was broken via damage to the front gate, furniture and a home entertainment system. That in turn allegedly caused an insect infestation. On top of that, Pippen alleges that bills weren’t paid on time and his tenants stole a Cuisinart knife set.

And of course, who could forget the 5-year old?

“Under Florida law, custodial parents are responsible for the actions of their children,” Pippen’s lawyer, Jason B. Giller, told the Daily Business Review. “Here, the Pippen compound was clearly defaced, among other ways, by a child, and whether that be Ms. Glazer’s child or a guest thereof, she and her husband Jacob Woloshin are responsible.”

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