Tyson Fury will never fight in the UK again and says fame is ‘torture’ – The Sun

TYSON FURY claims he will never fight in the UK again and that being famous is "torture".

The former heavyweight world champion recently took part in WWE's Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia yet claims the only part of his job he enjoys is going to the gym.

Fury has had problems in the past, taking time out of boxing to deal with depression and drug issues.

And in an interview with the Sunday Times, the Gyspy King – signed with Stateside outfit Top Rank – says he prefers to fight in the USA as he gets treated far better than he does at home.

On the prospect of stepping in the ring in Blighty again, Fury said: "They had their chance.

"They didn't treat me well. Over here [USA], I get treated like a superstar."

Such a stance would rule out a blockbuster all-British fight with Anthony Joshua – at least on home soil.

British fans who have longed for the two homegrown heroes to face off will be disappointed with Fury's revelation.


Fury has just made a four part ITV documentary called Meet the Furys but says the public spotlight is a necessary evil of the industry he is in.

Pressed on why he made the TV show if he is not one for fame Fury said: "So people can see the real Tyson Fury.

"I hate fame. When I go to a big city it's just a nightmare. Torture.

"Honestly, the only bit I enjoy is going to the gym. That's what makes me happy.

"Everything else is just what I've got to do."

Fury was recently spotted in the Octagon for the first time as he trains for a reported MMA switch.


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