Watford ace Helen Ward considers retirement after Covid lockdown halts Women's National League action

WALES striker Helen Ward is considering hanging up her boots following the suspension of women’s football below the WSL and Championship. 

Ward’s club Watford are among the sides who have seen their fixtures put on ice after the government announced a third national lockdown to tackle the Covid-19 crisis. 

The FA confirmed the women’s game in England has been put on hold for teams below the top 23 sides in the country due to Covid-19 restrictions.

It means that 34-year-old Ward – who has made 89 appearances for Wales – will be unable to play and train with her Watford team-mates.

And the striker, who is a mother of two and has netted 42 goals for her country, took to Twitter to air worries about balancing training at home with childcare. 

In her tweet, the Golden Girls forward wrote: “I’m seriously considering retirement. 

“Not sure I’ve got it in me to keep training alone, home school a 6-year-old and entertain a 3-year-old. No chance I can do all three effectively.”

Watford are currently top of the third division southern league and ranked as the joint 24th-best women’s side in England. 

However, the team are currently no longer able to play after their league was grouped in the government’s ‘non-elite’ sports category.

This includes sides competing in all divisions below the FA Women’s Championship. 

Newcastle, Southampton and the legendary Doncaster Belles are among the other teams who have seen their matches and training kiboshed.

And the Women’s FA Cup’s is currently in hiatus with the second round stage it has reached also being ranked as ‘non-elite’.

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