Wilder has eight kids to four women but admits starting boxing was not even his best decision ahead of Tyson Fury clash – The Sun

MILLIONAIRE boxing star and father of eight Deontay Wilder is a man who appears to have it all – but he insists deciding to lace up the gloves was nowhere near his best decision.

The Bronze Bomber, 35, is preparing for his highly-anticipated trilogy fight with Tyson Fury in Las Vegas this weekend as he aims to win back the belts he lost during the rematch in February 2020.

It has been a long journey for the former pancake flipper as he climbed from 'struggling to make ends meet' to having the most-feared fist in the business.

Although he may be fearsome inside the ropes, away from the ring he is very much a family man as he looks to provide for his eight kids from four different women.

Wilder had a late start to boxing, taking it up aged 20, and now stands on the verge of greatness if he can KO Fury.

But deciding to take up the sport that would transform his life forever is nothing compared to a life-or-death choice he was forced to make while expecting his first daughter.

Wilder and his then-girlfriend Helen Duncan were poor teenagers when they were told their child would be born with spina bifida.

Speaking to the Daily Mail ahead of his second fight with Fury, Wilder said: “It had been scary first off to know I had a child on the way.

"It was even scarier that this tiny being would be coming into the world with a defect.

“I was so young, holding my whole world in my hands. Suddenly I was facing this huge responsibility for a life which would need my enormous care and attention.

“The doctors told us she would never walk. Told us maybe she would never have a child's natural ability for learning. They offered us the opportunity to terminate.

“This was the most important decision of my life. To keep her or not to keep her. Thank God I got it right. We just felt she had a right to live.”

Naieye is now 16, and the 6ft 7in Alabama native could not be more delighted with his 'miracle' child’s fighting spirit.


Wilder said: “Doctors can do all that studying and acquire all that knowledge.

“But what they cannot account for is a miracle. The miracle that is our Naieya.

“She's not just walking, she's running. She's not only going to school, she's one of smartest girls in her class. So clever. So intelligent.

“The experience with her matured me early. Seeing her overcome adversity so many times inspired me to do the same.

“Even before she was born she taught me the importance of always making the right decisions.

“She's such a bright spark lighting up my life, as are all my children with their different characters and personalities. I love them all.”

Wilder is now with Telli Swift, his fiancee who will soon become his second wife, and seems to have never been happier with his life.

But despite all the fame and fortune he has accumulated from his fists, he will never forget his days working in his local International House Of Pancakes fast food restaurant as he attempted to boost his family’s income before stepping in the ring.

Wilder's ferocity in the ring is a far cry from the loving dad he has revealed himself to beCredit: @BRONZEBOMBER// INSTAGRAM
Wilder used to work in his local IHOP restaurant in order to help support his familyCredit: Alamy

He added: “We were always struggling to make ends meet. Living from pay cheque to pay cheque. So I got a job as a server at the local IHOP.

“I used to make pretty good tips. I always kept my station spotless clean. At first people thought I must be a basketball or football player and talked to me about sports.

“Then they wouldn't sit at any tables but mine and they would tell me very personal things about their lives.

“For some reason they clung to me. It became like having another large family.

“I got my social skills from my mother. She loved talking to people and like her I'm happy to meet people.

“I don't think I'm better than anyone because I'm the world champion and I've got millions in the bank.

“I'm still like everyone else. I had to fight my way up. I always know the price of milk. I'm a people person and I won't let anyone take real life away from me. No-one.”


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