'Married at First Sight': Fans Sound Off On Taylor Dunklin's 'Single Woman' Instagram Post

Taylor Dunklin and BrandonReid of Lifetime’s Marriedat First Sight Season 10 neverseemed to get their marriage off the ground. Brandon’s moody, introvertedpersonality put him at odds with the Lifetime production crew, culminating inan explosive blowup. Meanwhile, Taylor’s love of social media turned Brandonoff. After a tumultuous honeymoon in Panama, Brandonand

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'Married at First Sight': Mindy Tells Zach She’s ‘Owed an Apology’

MindyShiben and ZachJustice struggled with their relationship almost immediately after they gotmarried on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. The 34-year-old figure skating coach and 32-year-old personaltrainer seemed to enjoy their wedding, but Zach told Mindy he wasn’t physicallyattracted to her soon afterward. The couple wasn’t intimate on their

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