Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke rejects Daenerys as ‘Mad Queen’ – revealing true motives behind King’s Landing massacre – The Sun

DAENERYS Targaryen left Game of Thrones fans reeling when she ignored the surrender at King’s Landing and burned the city to the ground. The silver-haired leader followed in her father’s footsteps – nicknamed The Mad King – by torching civilians in the streets from atop her dragon, even after soldiers

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Game of Thrones star teases hidden message amid ‘blood, guts and thunder’ of final episode – slamming fans’ complaints – The Sun

ANOTHER cast member has spoken out against fans’ criticism of the Game of Thrones finale. Clive Mantle, who played Lord Greatjon Umber in season one of the HBO fantasy drama, has defended its controversial final season amid widespread fan backlash. Many claimed that Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) decline into bloodlust

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Game of Thrones deleted scene reveals Jon Snow knew Daenerys wouldn’t accept King’s Landing surrender – The Sun

GAME of Thrones fans were stunned when Daenerys Targaryen declined into bloodlust in the show’s final season. Viewers will remember how the silver-haired leader burned King’s Landing to the ground from atop her dragon without mercy. Even when the bells of surrender rang, the tyrant continued to torch civilians in

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