‘90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ Season 3: Will Armando’s Father Accept His Engagement to Kenneth?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 is right around the corner and Armando is worried about telling his father that he’s engaged to Kenneth. After years of dealing with his family not accepting his sexuality, Armando is finally feeling brave enough to open up with his dad about his love for Kenneth. But how will he react?

Armando’s family hasn’t fully accepted his sexuality

In season 2, Kenneth went to great lengths to be with his then-boyfriend, Armando. He picked up and moved his life (and his dog) to Mexico to start his life with Armando. During that season, Kenneth and Armando faced prejudice for being gay with Armando’s family refusing to believe him when he came out to them.

When Armando’s family found out he would be leaving with his daughter, Hannah, to another city to live with Kenneth, they finally believed him. His family’s emotional reaction was proof that they didn’t expect Armando to be this serious with Kenneth. While Kenneth’s family was over the moon excited about him getting engaged, Armando’s family had yet to find out.

Armando tells his family that he’s engaged to Kenneth

After mustering up the courage, Kenneth told his family that he was engaged to Kenneth. The news appeared to shock his mother and his sister. The rest of the family didn’t speak, making for a very awkward and long pause. His mother told cameras that she wished Armando would have taken her aside and told her the news privately, instead of her finding out with everyone else. She said that she wouldn’t be telling Armando’s father about the engagement, leaving that for Armando to do himself.

After some time, Armando’s mother convinced his father to at least meet Kenneth. Armando’s father shook Kenneth’s hand before turning and going back inside the house. It’s no surprise that Armando wouldn’t want to tell his father about his engagement, due to the very cold welcome he gave to Kenneth on their first meeting.

Will the family attend the wedding?

The other argument teased in the season 3 trailer is the wedding budget. Armando wants to spare no expense. He says, “I want the beautiful big wedding, especially since you’re paying.” Kenneth replies, “Don’t turn into a bridezilla.” Kenny, on the other hand, is more conscious of the budget since he’s going to paying for it out of pocket. Armando tells him, “I really want to go all out, mariachis, the fireworks.” In which Kenneth replies, “That’s too much.”

According to People, one thing that the couple can agree on is the concern about whether or not Armando’s family will attend the wedding and support their union. While Kenneth’s family is nothing but supportive, he does miss his children and grandchildren. That’s when Armando brings up the possibility of giving Hannah a little brother or sister. Whether or not they do plan on expanding their family, it’s definitely a topic for after the wedding. However, it’s a possibility that Kenneth and Armando could welcome one in the future, either through adoption or surrogacy.

Fans are hoping that Armando’s father will finally be able to accept his son’s sexuality, his engagement, and will attend the wedding. However, fans will have to find out. Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way premieres Sunday, August 19th at 8pm EST on TLC.

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