A Place in the Sun's Danni Menzies snaps 'I can't help you' as couple complain she has confused them in major U-turn

A PLACE In The Sun's Danni Menzies lost her patience with a couple looking to buy their dream holiday home in Spain.

Amanda and Steve were looking for a proprty in Villamartin on Spain’s Costa Blanca that they could hopefully retire to.

The couple were very specific in what they wanted including two bathrooms and a communal pool for socialising, but wanted to stick to a budget of about £85,000.

Danni struggled to find something that fit the couple's requirements, but managed to find them a villa, especially one with two bathrooms.

Proving third time's a charm, Danni took the couple to a third property the couple loved, even though it only had one bathroom.

Steve wasn't convinced about the place because he was keen for the second bathroom telling his partner, “I was going to argue with you,” before Amanda cut in and pointed out, “but no we have to compromise.” 

“Do you love it?” Danni asked them and Amanda replied: “We do love it.”

Danni then put the question to Steve: “So we’ve compromised on the second bathroom but it’s not an issue for you?”

He joked: “We’ve come to the compromise that I can use [Amanda’s] bathroom.”

The final property Danni showed them was a three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse which seemed to tick all the boxes.

Steve said: “We knew it would be difficult for you to find us what we really wanted but you’ve spoiled us this time.”

“We could make it our home,” Amanda added.

Danni quipped: “Can’t get a better reaction than that.”

“We have a huge discussion to have,” Steve told her with Amanda telling Danni: “You’ve confused me.”

A shocked Danni threw back: “And I can’t help you anymore, I’ll leave you to it.”

But things managed to work out when Amanda and Steve decided they wanted to put an offer on the two-bedroom apartment.

While their first offer was rejected, the couple accepted the owner’s counteroffer.

Danni's short temper could be explained by the fact she has struggled with lockdown.

She confessed she's "cracked" under the pressure of lockdown, with her first isolation-induced "cry."

The Channel 4 presenter, 33, took to her Instagram page and admitted she's just like the rest of us when it comes to having bad days amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Scot, who is currently subject to the UK-wide coronavirus lockdown, uploaded a candid make-up free selfie showing her in a partial scowl at the camera.

Danni had tied her hair in a bun and pulled on her dressing gown over her clothes.

She added a second snap showing her pouting at the camera as she wrote: "I’ve cracked 🤷🏼‍♀️ Had my first lockdown cry this morning while trying to do an online workout class.

"Very dramatic 😂 Literally just burst into tears and had to turn it off (sorry @loucbarton it was me, not you!🤦‍♀️)."

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