Alex Jones breaks down in tears as she makes exit from The One Show: Very hard to leave!

The One Show: Alex emotional over One Big Thank You message

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Alex, 44, announced earlier this year she was going to be leaving The One Show as she and her husband Charlie Thompson were going to be welcoming their third child together. The host has continued to host the BBC programme for the proceeding months and on Friday night, it was time for her to bow out and let her colleagues run the ship whilst she was away. However, the expectant mother broke down in tears as she was given a surprise by her co-stars and her spouse.

On Friday evening, Alex was joined by guest presenter Gethin Jones, 43, and she thought she’d say her goodbyes to her co-hosts Ronan Keating, 44, and Jermaine Jenas, 38.

However, they appeared in a video to commemorate the expectant mother’s departure from the show temporarily.

First up to speak was Ronan as he said: “You deserve one big thank you, Al, you’ve been amazing this last year.

“You’ve been there for everybody across this country,” the former Boyzone star commented as he said the presenter had made views “laugh and cry”.

“Thank you from everybody on team One Show,” he concluded as sports commentator Jermaine took over to say his goodbyes.

“Alright Alex, I just wanted to say good luck with everything,” Jermaine began, adding: “I bet you can’t wait to meet that beautiful little girl of yours.

“Don’t worry though, I’m going to be holding down the fort whilst you’re gone. Since arriving, you’ve been nothing but a huge help to me.

“So please don’t take too long, get yourself back. Alright?” the presenter remarked before Alex’s husband came on the screen.

Charlie said to his wife: “Hey love, bet you didn’t expect to see me on here, did you? Massively looking forward to baby number three, I’m pretty sure you are too.”

It’s really hard to go away

Alex Jones

“The boys are super excited and selfishly can’t wait to have you home for a few months in the evenings,” Charlie continued.

“Love you doll, see you when you get home, there will be a pizza in the oven,” he concluded and as the camera returned to the studio, Alex had her head in her hands.

Wiping back the tears, the presenter: “You know me, I cry at the slightest thing. Being here has been superb and doing it every night.

“It’s really hard to go away, even though it’s the third time,” she continued, before thanking viewers for knitting cardigans for her baby.

“I’ve loved every minute and it will be very hard to leave,” Alex told Gethin, adding: “Hopefully I’ll be back in the autumn.”

Taking to Twitter, viewers commented on her exit from the show as one wrote: “Good luck Alex, that made me emotional. You enjoy your maternity leave, you deserve it for keeping us all going the last 18 months.”

A second posted: “@MissAlexjones you have cheered me up through this last year and a half. God bless you and your family with the arrival of your little girl, take care of yourself.”

Whilst a third remarked: “Enjoy your time off and new baby. Thank you for being wonderful and bringing joy during this last year and half of rubbish @MissAlexjones.”

“Best wishes for you and baby bump Alex, you have been a great source of normal during covid,” the fourth shared.

Whilst Alex is away from her role as host, it is likely a number of other presenters will be filling in for her.

When she went on maternity leave with her second child, she was replaced by the likes of Stacey Dooley, 34, and Angellica Bell, 45.

Ronan and Jermaine will remain in their roles as hosts after being announced as Matt Baker’s, 43, replacement.

The One Show airs weeknights at 7pm on BBC One.

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