American Pickers star Mike Wolfe's girlfriend Leticia Cline says she's being 'bullied' after his divorce from Jodi

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe's girlfriend Leticia Cline said she's being "bullied" after his divorce from Jodi.

The model posted a message on her Instagram detailing the behavior she's faced from men trying to "shut me up."

She wrote: "I’ve never been more bullied in my life than I have recently as a councilwoman. You’d think I’m living in the 1940’s the way some of these men try and shut me up when I speak which is why I love it when Facebook gives you reminders such as these, only I didn’t need the reminding because I know that my life has always been where it should be and I haven’t let any boundary hold me back. Just like this moment, I’m right there at the starting gate in a sea of men (some of the top riders in the world) ready to throttle it out till the finish line.

"So if any of the 'men' in my town think I’m even the slightest bit intimidated after I have risked my life over and over doing what I love and believe in then this reminder is for them."

She continued: "My whole life I have evolved from student, mother, model, racer, journalist, community leader and preservationist because I’m addicted to learning and a learner is what I consider a dangerous individual because you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it.

"I have been training for this moment right now. Thank you to the people who helped along the way. #onestepahead"

The message accompanied a throwback photo of Leticia at the starting lineup when she participated in the RSD Super Hooligan Races as part of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip's 2016 Moto Stampede.

Leticia and Mike's relationship timeline

Last month, TMZ revealed that the reality star and Mike, 57, were dating.

Although there is little information about how long they've been together, a source has revealed that their relationship is "pretty serious."

The new couple has been spending time together since April, where they were spotted at a Norfolk, Virginia print shop while customizing a jacket.

The outlet also shared that the Playboy alum has been joining Mike on "Pickers' shoots", accompanying him to San Francisco in June and California this week.

Apparently, the new lovers have been friends for several years, as the Maxim Magazine model shared a photo alongside her man in 2018.

Leticia has been known for her appearances on Beauty and The Geek, her interview role for TNA Wrestling, and her racy photoshoots for both Playboy and Maxim.

She shocked the public when she once went on Howard Stern's radio show and "rode his Sybian vibrator in the nude," TMZ recalled.

Mike's divorce from Jodi

The History Channel star and his ex-wife Jodi Catherine Wolfe filed for divorce in November after 10 years of marriage.

Jodi cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and listed June 2020 as the date of separation.

The ex-couple tied the knot in September of 2012, and share one nine-year-old daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe.

On Father's Day, Mike posted a heartwarming tribute to his only child, reading: "Becoming a dad late in life is never a dull moment but I know how special these moments are with her.

"I cannot believe how fast she is sprouting up.

"I [love] being a dad to my brown-eyed baby girl."

In 2013, Jodi developed stage 2 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

The mother of one explained her diagnosis: "Believe it or not even vegan, exercising, juicing mama's get cancer.

"I was the last one to expect it. Life was everything I could possibly dream of then bam…"

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