'America's Got Talent': Mentalist Max Major Got Simon Cowell With This Mind-Reading Routine (Video)

He already made it to Vegas

Mentalist Max Major read — and blew — Simon Cowell’s mind on Tuesday’s socially distanced “America’s Got Talent.

Before Max got “inside” Cowell’s head from across state lines, fellow judge Howie Mandel warned him the illusionist that “it could be a scary place.”

That doesn’t deter magic, Howie.

Max then proceeded to pull off a very impressive (if not slightly confusing, from a setup perspective) feat, accurately predicting the order of pictures of “AGT” judges Simon would line up. It also may have had something to do with attributes Cowell associated with Mandel, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and the NBC competition show’s host Terry Crews? That part was a little unclear.

Anyway, it got pretty personal towards the end, when Max saved the best reveals for last.

Watch the video above, where you’ll get a tiny peak into Simon’s psyche — and his childhood.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Crews did his pecs thing during the segment. That pretty much feels like a given anytime he’s on screen at this point.

By the way, who are the 74 people (at the time of this writing) on YouTube giving this performance a “dislike”? Are they better mentalists than Max, or has “America’s Got Talent” really raised the bar that high?

'America's Got Talent': 10 Best Golden Buzzer Performances (Videos)

  • Mandy HarveyThe deaf singer inspired fans and the judges, and earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer when she performed an original song on the show in the summer of 2017.
  • Darci LynneThe 12-year-old ventriloquist got Mel B.’s Golden Buzzer when she sang a song with her puppet. At the beginning of her performance, she said her goal was to “keep ventriloquism alive.”
  • Courtney HadwinThe nervous 13-year-old went on stage but quickly wowed audiences when she started singing “Hard to Handle,” with many likening her to Janis Joplin. Simon Cowell’s reaction was priceless, and she ended up scoring Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer.
  • Dorothy WilliamsThe 90-year-old lady treated the judges and “AGT” fans to a little dance that took many by surprise. In the end, Nick Cannon ran over the judges table to give her the Golden Buzzer.
  • Angelica HaleThe 9-year-old Angelica Hale stunned the audiences with her own rendition of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire.” The judges couldn’t stop smiling and in the end, guest judge Chris Hardwick pressed the Golden Buzzer.
  • Craig Lewis BandThe singing duo sang a cover of Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down,” scoring the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Michael Bublé.
  • Light BalanceOne of the most epic performances to ever hit the “AGT” stage, Light Balance performed a stunning dance and light show to amazing songs — to the point where Tyra Banks couldn’t stop herself from hitting the Golden Buzzer.
  • Grace VanderWaalThen 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal scored the Golden Buzzer in 2016 when she wowed everyone with her ukulele and singing skills. She even performed an original song. She has since released her own EP and has performed at Madison Square Garden and various other benefit concerts.
  • Angel City Chorale We dare you to watch this performance and try not to get goosebumps. Olivia Munn hit the Golden Buzzer after barely getting through the act without tearing up.
  • Christian GuardinoThe 16-year-old got a standing ovation after his singing performance, and was awarded the Golden Buzzer by Howie Mandel.

From epic light shows to singing sensations, the NBC talent show has seen some stellar performances over the years

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