Antiques Roadtrip expert gobsmacked as letterbox sells for 15 times more than he paid

Antiques Road Trip: Tim speechless at £2,060 profit on letterbox

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Antiques Road Trip returned to BBC One on Friday to follow Izzie and Tim on their adventure around Wales. Just as Tim thought he was going to make a brutal loss on all of his items, his final treasure turned out to be the “highest ever sale on the show”. He and Izzie were left speechless when his antique wooden letter box sold for more than 15 times the purchase price. 

Antique expert Tim was hoping to make a profit for his arts and crafts wooden letterbox. 

When he found the letterbox in an antiques shop he said: “Now that really is my cup of tea, I am in love with this already. 

“It’s a letterbox – it would have attached to the back of your front door at the turn of the century around the 1900s.”

He said the piece was “absolutely timeless” and bought it for £140. 

When the auction came around both Tim and Izzie were left in shock when the starting price for the letterbox was £300. 

A stunned Tim said: “Wow, straight in at £300. More than one person wants this.”

An excited Izzie replied: “Do you think you could do £500?”

Before Tim had the chance to answer, the value of the item was already above £600. 

The pair were in disbelief that the letterbox kept increasing in value in a matter of seconds. 

“I’m speechless already,” Tim said. 

Izzie added: “Tim, this could get up to £1,000.”

Tim smiled and told Izzie that he had “hit it big” with his treasured item, but there was more excitement still to come. 

Tim and Izzie celebrated when the letterbox reached the £1,000 mark, and Izzie asked: “When is this going to stop?”

Tim then asked Izzie: “Is it the highest ever sale on the Antiques Road Trip?”

Eventually, the item was sold for an astounding £2,200 in the auction which was held online by an auctioneer in Bristol. 

“I don’t really know what to say,” Tim admitted when he realised his profits were more than £2,000. 

“Maybe I’ll buy fish and chips. I am going home, I am done now.” 

Izzie laughed and told Tim to “soak up all the glory” as she had made a considerable loss. 

Antiques Road Trip airs on BBC One on weekdays at 4.30pm. 

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