Baptiste season 3: Could there be a Baptiste spin-off?

BBC releases trailer for new series of 'Baptiste'

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Baptiste was first seen on BBC One two years ago and was originally introduced as a spin-off of The Missing starring James Nesbitt. The series instead focused on Detective Julian Baptiste (played by Tchéky Karyo) who was a prominent character in the drama and so got a series of his own. Not long after season one concluded, the channel renewed the French detective show for a second series.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Baptiste.

Could there be a Baptiste spin-off? 

Series two of Baptiste will premiere tonight, Sunday, July 18, at 9pm on BBC One.

This time around, the French detective will be trying to track down the family of British Ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw).

Her husband and two sons went missing during a holiday in the Hungarian mountains and it is up to Julian to figure out their whereabouts.

Sadly, this will be the last series of Baptiste as the drama has been cancelled.

During a Q&A, Baptiste creators and brothers Jack and Harry Williams revealed there wouldn’t be a season three.

This is because they didn’t want to drag out Baptiste’s story so it just became another police officer show.

In the Q&A, Jack explained: “I think what we’ve had the joy of doing every year is telling big, bold stories that give him a proper journey…And I think we began to worry – does it become a formula? Do we suddenly make him just another cop?

“And we thought, well that aside, let’s just tell a great story for him and a great story for an actress that we’ve wanted to work with forever [Fiona Shaw] and the thing came together and as we wrote it, we started to realise that if we did this, we wouldn’t get to do another one.”

While the Williams brothers may be done in writing any more seasons of Baptiste, actor Karyo isn’t quite ready to let go of the character.

When asked by press during a set visit if he would still want to play Baptiste in 10 years time, Karyo said: “I mean, if I’m in good shape, why not?

“It’s not really decided but it’s a good character, it’s always an amazing distribution.

“They do great work, you see all the actors I’ve been working with – it’s fantastic.”

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With Karyo still keen on returning to Baptiste, could this mean there is a spin-off in the making?

As the star of the show is on board for a return, there could be a chance of a spin-off being made without the Williams brothers.

Baptiste started off as a spin-off series itself so there may be a chance of it getting another series that features the detective.

But for now at least, there has been no talk of another series of Baptiste, including any spin-offs.

Starring alongside Karyo is actress Fiona Shaw who also features in BBC’s Killing Eve as Carolyn Martens.

They are joined by Snow White & The Huntsman’s Anastasia Hille, Harry Potter’s Adrian Rawlins and upcoming Peaky Blinders actor Conrad Khan.

Series two is going to be made up of eight episodes in total.

Baptiste is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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