BBC Marriage viewers switch off with multiple complaints about Sean Bean and Nicola Walker drama

Following the success of BBC drama The Split, fans of Nicola Walker's work were excited to tune last night (14 August) to her new BBC drama in which she stars alongside homegrown Hollywood superstar Sean Bean.

Marriage is a four-part series with the story revolving around Ian (played by Sean) and Nicola's character Emma, who have been married for almost 30 years.

But many of those who tuned into the first episode found themselves switching off after just a few minutes, and shared multiple complaints on Twitter.

The first episode opened with Ian and Emma having a ten-minute-long argument over a jacket potato, and then moved on to show Ian struggling to adjust to redundancy after returning from a holidays, while simultaneously getting suspicious over Emma's boss.

However, the sound quality was a big issue for many viewers with one branding the series “inaudible” and saying they were struggling to follow the story due to poor sound quality.

Someone tweeted: "Can Sean Bean speak up a bit. TV volume is at 65 and I can't hear a thing #Marriage.”

And another viewer added: “Straight away I’m having to put subtitles on, why do so many dramas have poor sound or mumbling actors? Maybe it’s just me #marriage.”

Others complained the story was too slow-paced. One tweeted: "#marriage I’ve left – so boring." While another added: "I give up. After 30 mins I’ve switched over to any other programme than watch this rubbish #marriage."

One viewer had a scathing review saying: "#marriage has to be one of thee worst things I've ever ever watched on BBC 1. and

Another echoed the sentiment saying: "Well I gave it 35 minutes and I was almost asleep! Such a shame cos 2 great actors! Not for me this #marriage."

However, some viewers jumped to defend the series with one saying: "Sorry but #Marriage on the BBC is stellar. Some people were always going to moan but it’s sad to see such widespread dislike for a more contemplative pace that offers a real slice of realism."

Nicola has starred in many well-liked and critically-acclaimed TV shows including playing Hannah in relationship drama, The Split, about the breakdown of a marriage. She also starred as the brilliant but flawed DCI Cassie Struart in police drama, Unforgotten.

And her BBC Marriage co-star Sean Bean found fame for his gritty roles including as Boromir in Lord of the Rings and Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.

The actor, 62, has been showered with compliments from his recent role in the BBC three-part series Time.

Marriage continues tonight on BBC1 at 9pm.


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