Boris to exploit apocalyptic UN climate wake up call to twist MPs arms Upping ante!

Sharma hoping to 'twist arms' at climate conference says expert

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BBC’s Chief political correspondent Adam Fleming has warned that the climate change report from the United Nation could be “disastrous” for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But Mr Fleming also suggested the “apocalyptic” document could help the Government win over sceptical MPs who have expressed opposition to Mr Johnson’s strategy to fight back against the climate emergency.

Mr Fleming told BBC Breakfast: “I think in a way, this report will be helpful for Alok Sharma, who’s chairing that climate conference because his job at the moment is going around the world and asking every single country to make commitments on how much they will reduce their carbon emissions over the next few decades as part of this mission to limit the increase in global temperature as to either one and a half degrees or two degrees Celsius.

Mr Fleming added: “So it’s really is upping the ante, but even before that climate change conference happens there’s still a lot of stuff we’re waiting from the UK Government to tell us about.”

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The climate report is set to be the strongest statement yet from the UN group on the science of climate change.

Mr Sharma has said that the world is “dangerously close” to running out of time to stop a climate change catastrophe.

Wildfires are currently raging in Turkey and fires have also been burning in Greece.  

This summer, western Europe also saw its worst flooding in decades, which killed dozens of people.

“I don’t think there’s any other word for it,” he said. “You’re seeing on a daily basis what is happening across the world. Last year was the hottest on record, the last decade the hottest decade on record.”

The climate change conference (Cop 26) in the UK is going to be hosting in Glasgow in November where countries must set out plans for drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions for this decade to avoid irreversible changes to the climate.


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“This year, this has to change. We don’t need more pledges, commitments, and targets – we need real action right here right now.”

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