Charlotte Dawson proudly shows off 'tiger stripes' as she poses in underwear three weeks after giving birth

CHARLOTTE Dawson stripped down to her underwear and proudly displayed her "tiger stripes" three weeks after giving birth to son Noah.

The new mum promised to love her stretchmarks and wanted the post to be inspiring to other women.

One picture showed Charlotte with a big bump just days before giving birth, while the one beside it saw her in the same outfit and spot, but with a noticeably smaller tum.

She wrote: "A few days before I gave birth vs 3 weeks tomozza post patrum pantrum 🤣❤️.

"I miss my bumpalicious (I was a lot more glam) I don’t dare put tan on now 🤣🤣 Ive got bags, my Bridget Jones are inside out 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ but I’m soooo happy I’ve got our boyo here now… 👨‍👩‍👦👼🏼.

"I’ve learnt to love my tiger stripes, my stretch marks.. I carried my beautiful cherub for 9 months, I will embrace them & love them 🙏🏼 and I want all my fellow preggo birds to feel the same… love you all ❤️."

Last week Charlotte called her postpartum stomach her "jelly belly" in another body positive post.

The reality star won praise for "inspiring" her fans with the brilliant video as she embraced her newfound curves.

Filming the clip on Tik Tok, Charlotte, 28, danced to Rihanna's hit Work, grabbing and squeezing her stomach along with the music.

The first time mum, who is comic Les Dawson's daughter, shared the video on Instagram too, writing: "Embracing the post patrum partram tiger striped jelleh chuffin belleh 🙌🏽🤣 #day12 (sic)"

Grateful fans thanked her for her "honest" video.

One fan raved: "i just love mummy chazza 🎉so open and honest not that i was expecting anything less girl ❤️, it’s just so refreshing to see on instagram xxxx"

Another said: "Your positivity is absolutely amazing😍 you really can help a lot of women who feel uncomfortable with their bodies after birth or in general☺️ you inspire me so much and don’t stop!"

Charlotte was recently moved to tears after a fan photoshopped photos of her baby Noah and her dad Les together.

The little boy was born exactly a week before Charlotte's late dad Les's birthday on February 2.

Charlotte announced that her baby son's name is Noah on what would have been her dad Les's 90th birthday.

The legendary comedian passed away from a heart attack in 1993 when his youngest daughter was just eight months old.

And Charlotte, 28, posted a series of black and white photos along with a drawing of baby Noah and Les in the same frame, imagining how they could have been seen together if Les were alive.

The gesture shocked emotional Charlotte, who captioned her photos on Instagram: "HOW AMAZING are these??? I can’t cope!!!

"Wow… I’m in tears, they are so special. My daddy & our baby boyo Noah together.. 💙👼🏼"

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